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Engine trouble!!!! Had my impreza turbo UK w regards (2000) and was driving along at around 110mph when I heard a quick noise which initially I thought bottom of car had scraped as some parts of road had slight humps,as car slowed down I started to accelerate again and there was no power and the boost gauge was only going as far as the 0 it's as if the boost is escaping and car is so sluggish and doing odd misfire.when in neutral and stationery and I rev engine you can hear the turbo but when I set off it just hasn't got no power.......any ideas or info welcome as I'm new to these cars..........:\

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Thats cool no worries.  Were you accelerating moderately or hard when the issue started?

In the good light, first thing to check is all the hoses are where they should be ie no open ended ones not connected to something.  This includes the small vacuum hoses and the bigger one between the turbo and the intercooler.  Just have a really good poke around.

There is a chance the turbo is toast but you said you can hear it spooling?

The white smoke is hopefully condensation if your running from cold start.  Should disappear fairly quick like steam rather than hanging around like smoke.

Hopefully someone here might jump in with more thoughts.

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Now fixed!!

Took it to Sheffield subaru and within 2-3 mins he had sussed it out😆

The pipe shaped in a Y under the intercooler had popped off on 1 of the ends leading to said intercooler


Thought I was looking at a new turbo  was all prepared for him to deliver the bad news

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Both ends that lead to the intercooler never had clips round em but could only see 1 of pipes  from drivers side.I replaced that with 1.....if I had of seen other side or known it was there to check it in first place I would of been able to sort it myself.need to learn my way round the car!

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