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  1. Welcome! Nice to have you. An upgrade is an understatement! We require pictures
  2. Hi everyone

    Welcome! looks like some long nights . Do love a project though
  3. Returning member

    Welcome back!
  4. Japfest Silverstone 6th May 2018 Club Sign Up

    Im all paid up
  5. Japshow Santa Pod 10th June 2018

    Now then! Club stand is all sorted and I have got 10 tickets in hand right now, 9 available. We are again in the Orange area . If you would like to join us please post here and I will add you in. Tickets are £14 each (one per car) for the whole of Sunday and Payments are made to me via paypal, just PM me . Passengers can buy tickets from the website separately or on the gate. 1. GeoffLeggy
  6. Best tyres for Blob

    I’d go with RS3 but also Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2.
  7. Another newby

    Warming up of any type of engine pays dividends esp with boost 👍🏻
  8. Events manager / Organiser

    That's what you get for reading stuff while flat out at work 😂
  9. Events manager / Organiser

    I'll be speaking to them today if I get five or tomorrow.
  10. Events manager / Organiser

    how on earth did I get in to that!
  11. Events manager / Organiser

    I'll hold fire on sorting Japshow then?
  12. Another newby

    Welcome Judd! Nice cars indeed, been tempted previously myself. Can't go wrong with an oil change! Can't over emphasise how important it is. Mine gets done approx every 500-600 miles but don't travel far. I'm too fighting the rust onset right now. Spay up the inside arches all the time with protector. Summer time will see some more work I think. I'm not meant to be driving it in this crappy weather but other car is sick waiting repair so... Anyway enjoy the forum we are all friendly here
  13. New Member

    Welcome! Have you sorted the problems then? What model is it?
  14. Noobie

    Welcome! Look forward to see how you get on