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  1. You organizing Japshow yet? Not seeing post. if so put me down for Sunday the 9th.

    1. GeoffLeggy


      I'm not mate, not doing it anymore sorry.

  2. After some time and a made to order brake hose it's coming back to me tomorrow morning 👍
  3. Crack your fingers off I assume you mean 😂
  4. Hi Brand New Pedders Shocks as title. Been told they are same for 4 and 6 cylinder engines. £50 for the pair collected please.
  5. Sorry forgot to clarify collection is near Tring or Aylesbury.
  6. So it still does it in 4 and 5th? Would you say it's rev range related?
  7. I wouldve done same. There's always another one
  8. Hi Super light race wheels fitted with nearly new Goodyear Winter Tyres. Temp used them on the front of the Legacy in the snow. Will fit 5x100 Subarus. Collection only £30. Tyres are worth a lot on there own!
  9. I haven't seen it in person tbh so not sure. It's a long hose that's all I know. The one coming Monday looks exactly same so hope it fits.
  10. It's still in the garage! Sodding brake hose was worn and because it's got the brembos they are struggling with the replacement hose for it. Fingers crossed be out on Monday.
  11. Good point! I think it's best someone else takes the reins. I'm not 100% I'll even have the car at that point although would probably still go as public.
  12. 😂 They went a while back, had 75% of the car resprayed and brand new stock suspension all round to bring it back to a more sensible wagon PS good to see you back Sam.
  13. Day before MOT and first time on road for months sad to say.