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  1. Lanoguard just used for first time. Watch reviews on u tube try it 👍🏻
  2. Best way to shut the bonnet so you don’t dent it ?
  3. Anybody seen these bumper lights before.And what are they for police or ex police?
  4. Sorry fixed or never broken you have to roll it forward like the lock setting has tension 🥴
  5. Jdm 2005 hawk when pushing the dccd fully forward lock mode will not light up it stays on setting below any advice on how to fix
  6. Best places for paint northwest
  7. Best place northwest for underbody treatment
  8. Waxoyl rub in arches a yes or no just where u can get ur finger tip? Plus it doesn’t seem to be drying will the moisture not cause rust I no it never fully drys but if it’s tacky.
  9. Has anybody got a useful list of places to waxoyl on Subaru hawk sti jdm. Boot doors fuel filler flap etc. Be useful with winter approaching. Thanks
  10. Any more pictures details owners? Thanks for forwarding yes iam still after one. Preferably blue or white and a known car on forum where people know history etc.
  11. Hi looking to buy uk model wrx sti widetrack northwest area 60000 miles or around there low owners full history nice condition.Messege me anybody looking to sell. Thanks
  12. Anybody know the spec or have a link to please. Subaru Impreza 2.0 wrx wr limited twin scroll turbo jdm 2004. Thanks
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