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  1. Nimpy

    Japfest 2021

    Hi, new to the forum.and Subarus, used tonlbe the VW shows though, sp got a ticket, be there with my daughter, be good to meet you all πŸ˜€
  2. Had it down at TDR in Warwick today for an inspection and a change of all the fluids. Some little issues, like a broken bleed nipple on a caliper, and some corrosion on the arms and subframe, but nothing major, so all in all a happy man! Gotta say the guys at TDR are a great bunch, chatty, happy and helpful, very happy with the service πŸ˜€
  3. Cheers Damien, hoping for a decent quote, as you say hopefully not a crazy figure... Upside is that it is still solid, thumping it from the outside, and the inside as best I could and didn't break through, so could look worse than it is, though with my luck I doubt it πŸ˜’
  4. Hi there As above really, I would get it up on some stands and look for more serious rot in the rear, if it doesn't owe you any money, and it sounds like it doesn't, then you can get to work restoring it, sure you will enjoy it, and not feel.any pressure πŸ™‚ I've just bought a 99 uk car and am planning on doing this with it, maybe we can help each other out with stuff as we go along πŸ‘
  5. OK so got a camera in between the boot and the outer wing, and on the nearside there is some of the dreaded rust. Hard to get to, and hard to get a scale of the issue but it hasn't gone through to othe outer of the wheel arch yet, so I reckon the car can be sorted, seems a shame not to save a classic! What you guys reckon?
  6. Thank god I didn't see anything like that when I took the seats etc out. I would have been devastated. Looks like a shocking job, one for a sunny weekend!
  7. Got the sill covers off, in great shape thankfully! Cleaned the crap off and sprayed with some wd40 and they came up nicely. So the only rot I have found so far is that small plague in the boot. Happy so far...
  8. Thanks, I'll do that, so far apart from that little plague on the inner in the boot it's looking good. What's involved in dropping the strut out on one of these? Cheers
  9. So this is my ride, 1999 UK car. Seems straight, HPI Cleared straight panels etc, paint is OK a few scratches and stone chips which you would expect on an old car. My 1st Subaru, previously VAG cars were my bag, but fancied a changeπŸ˜€ Had the rear seats/boot lining out and been underneath, and she seems to be pretty rust free, apart from this on the offside, had a good go with a screwdriver and no give at all. Should I be worried? Or will that be OK for a couple more years. Heard some real horror stories. Cheers Keith
  10. Hi All Recently bought my 1st Impreza. Went for a 99my UK Turbo 2000, seems very straight and not too played with. I shall no doubt be picking the hive mind for help and information. πŸ‘ Cheers, keith
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