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Found 132 results

  1. Hi all, I'm trying to source UK Spec non widebody 6 speed components for a conversion but I'm not having much luck. Ideally the box, linkage, prop, clutch fork and starter motor from a 01-05 UK STi. Anyone got some or know someone who does? Many thanks
  2. Hey All, Purchased my first Subaru 2 days ago, a 2002 Impreza STi Type UK Prodrive Style Edition. I am new and learning along the way - expect silly questions guys so forgive me in advanced lol! Looking forward to meeting you all when meet ups happen. Until stay safe all and enjoy the fantastic weather!! Bugeye Loc. Picture of me baby - still yet to name lol:
  3. I am reluctantly selling my cherished classic blue and gold 54plate STI with dealer fitted PPP due to family commitments. Owned from 6 months old. Regularly serviced at Roger Clarkes. No expense spared. Bundles of paperwork. Everything on this car is original except K&N air filter and Alpine stereo. Car has been kept off road for a few years. Just been mot'd July 21st. New engine fitted July 2020 so good for at least another 100k 😊Receipts to prove. Car has done a honest 98k. Very good condition. Brand new tyres all round fitted on the original gold 17inch wheels. Still have original subaru stereo. Original STI bucket seats. Fantastic interior. No signs of wear. Tinted rear windows which are sundamaged. I may or may not get replaced. New owner may prefer to leave or remove? I have had many years of fun in this car and it means a lot to me and my family. I want it to go to a new forever home and be enjoyed as much as I have. I am open to offers but do have a figure in mind I need so keep it real.. Especially after spending thousands getting it back on the road for another lucky person to enjoy and experience. I am gauging interest for now. Pictures to follow.
  4. Hey guys So as the title suggests I don’t own a scoobie but looking for any advice/tips/guides on what to look out for when buying a scoobie. I have always wanted to a classic sti scooby since I was a kid and now it’s time to actually get one. I really want a classic sti v5 or v6 and wanted to ask if I could get any advice/tips on what to look out for. My budget is around £6/7k and wanted to know if you guys think I could find a good example for around this price. Any thoughts/help is appreciated Thanks
  5. Is there anywhere i could buy actual tail lights that look like that and not the overlay thing?
  6. Hey I am planning on buying a 2009 Impreza hatch but i wanna make it look wider like an WRX or even an STI, but i have no idea if there is anywhere i could buy those OEM style wide fenders and bumpers.
  7. I’m quite new to Subaru ownership. I’ve had my forester sti for around 6 months now and I’m approaching my first service I was wondering if anybody recommends anywhere in particular around central Scotland as I’m no comfortable doing it myself just yet. It’s got full service history from when it was made in 2004 to when it was imported.
  8. Hi Guys, Recently I encountered following problem with one of my STI Genome gauges : Half of the gauge is not lightning up. The strange thing about it, is that sometimes it lights up again, but then after a short time it goes out again. I checked the electrical wires at the back of the gauge & the control unit, but everything there seems to be OK. Can anyone help me with this problem or has encoutered the same situation and has got a solution for this (except from buying a new one). Any help is much appreciated!
  9. Hey guys, im struggling at the moment, been having some issues locating part numbers, basically, had some idle issues and general lack of power, removed and tested my coils, one is breaking down, and the other ones are looking like there gonna go soon aswell so im going to replace the lot, the problem - the part numbers on there are so old (guessing original) that most of the information is illegible or no longer visible, i phoned a main dealer (Woodford green) to help me find the parts, but they are unable to help as they cant search on imports on there system, its a ej255 engine, sg9 chassis preface any help would be helpful, or even a photo of the part number from another members coil FK0186 is what i suspect but am in no way certain thanks in advance
  10. Hey ! JDM car an bike guy. Currently own suzie, my 2015 wrx sti type uk. .. always owned ,modified bikes , cars ,only stand out models for me, anything stand out and unique, so mainly jap makes. ! Any meets or chats are kool ! Cheers !
  11. FOR SALE! - £350.00 OEM Subaru Refurbished Gloss Black 17" Alloy Wheels GENUINE OEM SUBARU IMPREZA STI / WRX 17" FULLY REFURBISHED ALLOY WHEELS FINISHED IN GLOSS BLACK - 4x Genuine OEM Subaru 17"Alloy Wheels Finished in Gloss Black Alloy Wheels FItment: 7J x 17H2 Stud Pattern: 5 Stud Colour: Gloss Black (Recently Refurbished by Pristine Wheels of Milton Keynes) Refurbishment These wheels have been meticulously refurbished by Pristine Wheels of Milton Keynes. Feel free to look them up online. each wheel cost me 70.00 each for the full top standard of refurbishment Compatible Vehicles THESE WHEELS WILL FIT THE FOLLOWING MODELS: Subaru Impreza Subaru WRX Subaru STI These may fit other Subaru models of vehicles but please do your own research before bidding! These were initially removed from my Subaru Impreza WRX although it will fit the STI vehicles also. - These wheels have never had tyres fitted or been fitted to a vehicle since being fully refurbished - These were removed from a 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX before being sent for refurbishment. - These are the genuine OEM factory Subaru 17" wheels that came with my vehicle when bought some time ago. - Upon removal from my vehicle these were professionally refurbished by Pristine Wheels of Milton Keynes who are amongst the best around (check for yourself) - Each of the wheels was refurbished at the cost of 70.00 per wheel in gloss black. - These wheels will fit other models aswell as a lot of Subaru vehicles due to the fitment but please do your research before. - These are the factory original wheels that originally came with my 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX vehicle. - All of the alloy wheels are in immaculate condition as you are able to see by the pics. - These have been surplus to requirements after the vehicle was sold - No weld repairs or cracks whatsoever. - All wheels run true and straight with no flat spots whatsoever - Never ever been repaired. - These are very expensive from Subaru to purchase never mind the money that I have spent getting these refurbished and in tip-top condition like these!! ***PICKUP IN PERSON IS STRONGLY PREFERRED DUE TO THE SHEAR WEIGHT OF THE WHEELS***
  12. Is it me or are the brakes on the hawkeye 160bhp non turbo terrible? I literally feel they have zero stopping power. Now I'm aware clearly fluid, tryes, pads, discs all play a part in this however are they known for being a poor braking system on the hawkeye. Or is it my modle GD9 being a non turbo all having poor brakes. My classic WRX I had previously seemed to have a far greater stopping power. I have been looking at the GD9 brakes avaliable and looking at ebay it would appear STI WRX four pots and 2 pot calipers front and rears fit. Is this the case? If anyone has upgraded a non turbo braking system before any information would be greatly appricated. And I have looked already at the disc sizes for both systems (non turbo and wrx sti) they appear in my modle year to both be 266 and 277. Again any knowledge would be greatly appricated. Regards. Rich
  13. Wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and if there are any known fixes? It's to do with a 56 plate Hawkeye Impreza spec D STi with the EJ257 engine, no mods other than RCM head studs and gaskets. Below 4k rpm, the car feels like it's being choked, with it being more apparent at low oil temperatures. As soon as you hit ~4k the engine picks up and you get a more positive burst of power. It happens more noticeably when accelerating at a "normal" rate rather than foot down, but still happens with the foot down as well. The only engine code I have at the moment is P0410 (Secondary air pump) which I've not got round to sorting, but don't see how this would effect the power as it's more of an emissions thing? Any help is appreciated! PS it isn't turbo lag before anyone tries to be clever! 😉
  14. Hi. I have a seibon Carbon bonnet on my 2005 blobeye however the current washer jet nozzles seem to be too small and move about in the new bonnets holes, are larger ones available and does anyone know from where or have any ideas. Gratefull for your responses.
  16. Hi guys bought my first Subaru Friday and Havant been home since wow what a breed of car they are ...
  17. Hi All, I am looking for some new wheels for my 2011 STI. I am looking for some recommendations on wheels that would suit the car. I have a few ideas but looking to see what other people think. I have thrown in a picture of the car below to (so you can see the colour etc). Looking mainly for matte/satin black wheels. Also if anyone is selling any wheels that would fit a 2011 STI then please let me know as I might be interested. Thanks, Connor
  18. Hello getting this car in a few days, it'll be coming up 8 years old next year. i'd like to know of any reliability issues I could face or specific problems this car has, if any, and I guess just with sti's in general? I've been offered a 1 year RAC warranty from the dealer for £299. Would it be a good investment? If something went wrong i don't think i could afford a big repair bill so i'm considering it. The dealer has a good reputation and the car has a full service history. If i don't need the warranty i'll likely spend the money on a remap instead.
  19. Hi, I recently brought an imported 04 STI, just wanted to say hi to everyone:) Stock at the moment apart from a new English head unit and of course hella horns, but I've got plans for it. Ed
  20. Has anybody done the infamous 6 speed gearbox swap into the WRX hatch? Wanting to do this on my WRX-S hatch Any nuggets of wisdom? or recommendations for companies that can do this? Worthing based cheers 👌🏻
  21. SELLING OR WILL SWAP FOR 5x100 Subaru Impreza STI Rims and tyres All rims in great condition, few scuffs and slight curbing on one (pictured) 2 front tyres are great condition and Firestone 2 Back slightly worn on inside but still completely legal 225/45/17R 91W 17” Rims, 5x112 PCD Only selling as they don’t fit my car £160 ono
  22. Hi guys, this my first post so apologies if this ends up falling into a category elsewhere on the site.. Anyway with that said, let’s jump straight in.. So I’ll give you a bit of background on myself first. I’m a true sports car enthusiast. I’ve had too many to list and I say that in the humblest way possible. No I’m not rich, I’m far from it. Just have a passion for sports cars and I guess spend money on them when others wouldn’t 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️😂.. Anyway, back to the point. So, around 2013 I got my hands on my first Subaru Impreza WRX. It was an 2002 “bugeye” in WRC blue. Running “280BHP” as I was told 😂😂.. I travelled to Wales from London to buy it which I managed to grab for £2000!! Was well happy. She was in need of some very minor tlc engine wise (which was GREAT but also very lucky as the owner sold it to me thinking she was a dud thus the £2k price tag and I took a GAMBLE hoping it was an easy fix... Spraying Oil leak😱), but boy did she move and that AWD system was amazing, AUDI’s QUATTRO hands down is pants compared to SUBARU. I’m just throwing that out there!!! I was hooked instantly with the feel of the WRX! That car managed to hold me down for a good year, maybe more. That’s a LONG time for me as I have been known to change cars within a space of weeks before.. I could go on forever here but I guess the point of this introduction is that out of every car I’ve owned I always end craving/needed/feeling a Subaru Impreza! 😂. The bug is real and I definitely have a bad case of it which finally brings me on to the actual point of this post....... Around last year September I was sitting down with the missus and said as a “joke😂” “I’m gonna get another Subaru like that red 350BHP one we had” You know trying to gauge the reaction lol. She didn’t seem to react badly to the idea.. I went on to say we can keep the family car (at the time was a 2007 318i 😴😴😴) and get a fun weekend car to drive “here and there” lol.. She honestly didn’t seem to mind the idea, so the next few months I spent working hard making money and finding that “perfect Subaru”. In November I came across it. There it was. £3750 for a 2003 “blobeye” running 353BHP and boy did she look mean. This was no standard looking WRX. I call it my “dream Impreza” as it literally has EVERYTHING “I” would want on a Subaru Impreza. (Apart from two things😂🤦🏽‍♂️ Needs mudflaps lol, and the colour scheme is wrong.. WRC blue and Black for me 100%, but she’s silver and black)... So of course I contacted the seller straight away as this was well within my budget already!! I was sceptical as it had 141k on the dash but that ended up being the least of my worries as the guy went on tell me that the car now had a new hybrid VF35 turbo installed with bigger 2016 STI internals(it does actually have this). He insisted the car was perfect engine wise and all it needed was the turbo to be finished being fitted properly (not said in ad at all) which was literally 95% done at this point as he said a buyer pulled out on the sale recently after leaving a deposit for the new turbo etc. (Damn this sounds so dumb when you type it out in hiensight lol🤦🏽‍♂️).. I asked him what he would take on it and the guy told me £2500!!!! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was!! I went over his story of why the turbo was replaced and all the other background checks you do leading up to buying a car and it all SEEMED legit.. I went to his house which was more of a mansion on a posh estate than a house lol, and the car seemed to be cool. I ended up taking it, I had seen it idle “quickly” his story checked out, he seemed decent and honest.. I grabbed my balls and went along with the sale. I Loved the car! I Hadn’t even driven it yet but it looked friggin aweeeeesommme bro! He had rigged up his mate to collect the car from his place on his flatbed truck days prior to me buying the car and told me he had to go out to a dinner but assured me that his friend would be with me by 6:30/7pm. It was now coming up to 6pm... I was happy with that. I’d been in his parents house, drank a cup of tea, done all the paper work etc. Nothing seemed dodgy. So I waited. Got to 6:30pm, hadn’t heard a thing so I called this guy, whos number I had been given.. The man on the other end told me he’s running late and is just finishing work now so is heading HOME to get changed and he will be with me by 7:30/8pm latest!!! Now I’m starting to get !Removed! off but I remain calm as loosing my temper and arguing will only result in me being stranded outside this guys house 100+ miles away from my home... So I went with it. At 8pm I called him to see where he was now.. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THIS GUY TURNED AROUND AND SAID TO ME THAT HE IS NO LONGER ABLE TO DO THE JOB AS ITS GOT TOO LATE NOW!!!! I was shocked, infuriated, pleadful (if that’s even a word lol) and outright disgusted with how someone could mess with somebody’s life in such a way.. I tried asking this guy for a good hour, the sellers parents came home and even tried to help me persuade him but he didn’t budge. I had to leave my new Subaru on this guys drive and head back home in my BMW.. What a terrible day!! I was PISSSSSED!! So the next day I thought f*** it I’m just gonna drive back up there with my brother, fix the Subaru there as it sits and drive it back home. It’s mine now right, who can tell me otherwise?? So on that day we did go back up there. I got the bits all reassembled and good to go in about 2-3hrs. What an achievement.... I thought... So I turned her on, she sounded great, until the idle settled at which point I instantly noticed a terrible misfire. I hoped it was just the oil clearing from when the turbo blew recently as the seller did warn me it will be smokey until the oil was cleared through the system. This was not the case. I had gone and bought a lemon!! The engine was gone!! However I didn’t know this on that day. I did end up getting it back home. Just about. The car ran lumpy the whole way, it had little to no boost. Backfiring, smoking, juddering. It was bad.. Real bad.. Few weeks later I managed to get her down to a mates garage nearby. He confirmed my worst nightmare.. The engine needed rebuilding! I was gutted! I didn’t have the funds to repair the car but at the same time the car literally HAS EVERYTHING on it, so if a Subaru Impreza has ever deserved a new engine this is for sure a TOP candidate! So me being the Subaru lover I am, went about working hard and saving for my new engine. A few months later, I had raised enough comfortably to afford to be able to get the engine rebuilt/replaced... That being said I didn’t have loads so my options were still kind of limited, I had a budget of £2500. Were now in February 2018, I still haven’t been able to drive my Subaru that I bought in November 2017 and I’ve managed to find a company close by that have a brand new reconditioned engine they can supply and fit for £2000. I gave them the car and two weeks later got my beast!! (With a new engine, clutch kit, cam belt kit and water pump 😉) I was so happy when I collected it! Finally I could appreciate that Subaru power and roar!! (Even though the first 500 miles are break in miles).. I drove the car everywhere, completely abandoned my other car lol. But can you believe that I got to 541 miles in the new engine and the car blew itself up againnn!!! I was devastated!! I called the company straight away who were very apologetic and collected the car (under warranty of course) That was just under two months ago to this day.. I spoke to the owner of the garage at the beginning of this week who told me the cars had a dodgy custom map put on it, which is something I’ve suspected from day one. So one of the injectors were over fueling which caused the cylinder to fail.. He said the car needs to be reset back to a stock ECU setting and then remapped again! In the meantime he’s said a technician has come down and recalibrated the injector to the right value and is now talking about I could just swap out my current ecu for an STi one which apparently has all the same numbers so will be plug and play. Is this possible or am I being fed a line here? It’s more beneficial in his favour for him to sell me the remap route I would have thought as that’s £400 he said. The STi ecu is £110 “plug and play”. He says sorting this ecu issue will then make the car 100% safe to drive again. What’s your thoughts on this? What would you do? Is an STI ecu straight compatible with an WRX? Does it need coding etc?? What about gearing? STis are 6MT, WRX 5MT.. Does the gears matter in regards to swapping ecus? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading! Some pics of my beloved scooby 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
  23. Does anyone know where I can find these mats? They are standard for my Hatch STI but can’t seem to find them anywhere. I bought a full set from Subaru for £55 but my passenger mat has now been damaged and needing replaced. I wouldn’t want to buy a full set again.
  24. Afternoon gents, is it possible to fit a 6 speed box form an sti hatch into a wrx hatch. Straight swaps?? TIA
  25. Anybody selling original Subaru STI wheels 18x8.5 5x114.3? Forged or standard models from 2008+