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  1. 2007 STI Limited

    I'm guessing its an issue with the widetrack fitment given they havn't been out that long.
  2. good luck with the map, you'll need it.
  3. What you playing???

    hahaha, tbh theres no s*x scenes in it which is disappointing. also while you can get married the quest is mega buggy so doesn't work alot of the time.
  4. What you playing???

    yeah, its a huge game so you prob covered about 0.1% of it.
  5. What you playing???

    horizon3 is prob the most fun of them imo
  6. What you playing???

    ah k, i found the biggest thing is braking points. pad has alot more aids to it as well
  7. What you playing???

    what wheel have you got? i found the difference between a cheap one and the one i have now night and day
  8. What you playing???

    i found it a pretty big change going from one to the other, takes time to get used to it
  9. 2007 STI Limited

    So bit of an update. Been having issues with noisy and knocking suspension from the pedders on the rear end. Top mounts were found to be at fault so they were replaced. The new ones were even worse so a full set of rears were ordered and fitted. Problem still persisted so its been decided to replace them with a set of Tein Flex Z http://www.tein.co.uk/product/flex_z.html Have to say im pretty disappointed with the pedders and wont be recommending them to anyone. I'll be there while they are fitted so i'll try to get some pics as they go in and then the final look of the car.
  10. What you playing???

    once you get one fo the f1 cars is much much easier to earn money. i love spa so i can easily do a 30 lap race in one go and with the 1980's f1 car makes best part of 450k and 2 or 3 levels at a time. o i also splashed out on a G29 when uit was on offer. https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/product/g29-driving-force
  11. What you playing???

    forza 7 on and off, skyrim (again haha), world of warships and currently waiting for farcry 5 (dont even try and get a responce from me for a week after that comes out hahaha)
  12. Hawkeye STI build

    o right strange, he quoted me £450 for closed decking when i had the type r built :s
  13. 2007 WRX STi hawkeye

    It's actualy a spec D
  14. Hawkeye STI build

    Last i hear it was nearer £500 for the CDing only hicup with second had sc46 is you dont know how its been treated or what version it is (been revised several times)
  15. Hawkeye STI build

    sc46 is hard to beat