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  1. I wouldn't have BC if you paid me, too many people complaining about them. I've got tein Flex Z on mine which are great for road use.
  2. depends on budget and what you want, sc36 or sc38 is very hard to beat at that kinda power/spool
  3. seem like a touch much that, i still dont understand why people would take the whole engine out the car to change clutches, asking for trouble.
  4. should be interesting to drive,,,,,,,, hahaha
  5. Need to do a few other bits to remove some limitations before its pushed up to the full whack, plan is to go to 500.
  6. So interesting comparison, red is vf43 blue is the new sc46x. The vf43 was maxed on my car, the sc46 is on low boost setting, 1.3 with a peak of 1.4 on the road, pretty east to tell it's not even trying as there pretty much no boost drop off haha
  7. yeah, not known till it was too late, remember that P1 that burnt out because of a failed fuel line 😮
  8. certain things i would never scrimp on and dont mind paying a premium for decent stuff, fuel lines, brake lines are def two of them.
  9. wel technicly it was tuesday, but got the car back with a darn might more go haha
  10. cheers, yeah really please, give the jump in turbo the lag hasn;t gone up too bad, just need to save some more pennys to get the rest of the bits done haha
  11. So its fitted and mapped. And bejesus does or go well. As expected it's being held back spool and top end by a few things, tmic, headers and sports cat to name a few. But man I drives well. Low down its happy as Larry just pootling round, then when it comes on boost all hell breaks loose and it just fecks off, and keeps fecking off right up to red line. So in the end it made 381bhp and 390ftlb, on 1.4bar 😮 Given it's a 500+ turbo and being limited it's a pretty epic result with plenty more to come.
  12. 😄 yeah, wont stay that way for long, but hey ho haha more bwaaaaappppp and tssshhhhhh incoming
  13. So here it is, well, the only pic I have at the min hahaha