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  1. i'd guess they were damaged but bumper was ok
  2. Scoobyclinic has a second hand bumper but don;t have the grills apparently
  3. no probs, i'll ask around as well. bear in mind will need painting of course.
  4. https://www.scoobynet.com/full-cars-breaking-for-spares-438/1058561-hawkeye-sti-400bhp-breaking-dccd-sc46-gt-spec-grimmspeed-oz-bc-whiteline-rcm-more.html try here
  5. Yep. saloon wrx and sti are same, bumper, bonnet, wings etc. Wagon is def different wings so i'd guess the bumper may be different
  6. Engine tuner are down in plymouth
  7. I'll ask those in the know tomrrow.
  8. wrx wagon is different front wings so not sure on the bumper alignment
  9. Spec C WRX Fogs are just panels. sti
  10. spec c didnt have anything special, it's just a normal bumper with a lip spoiler.
  11. As sugest it clean it up and see whats going on, ps pumps are near on £500 just for the part 😮
  12. you called,,,, haha wrx wont be a widetrack, and widetrack didnt come in till 2005, i think you need a new mechanic.
  13. Different companies will vary massively, try gary at keith michaels. Also make sure you disclose any and all the mods
  14. You wanna get a leak down test done rather than a comp test.
  15. Sounds like you need to get it to a specialist and get them to go through it/dyno it and find exactly whats going on