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  1. yes matey. both unequal length. (assuming not import which are 2.0 twin scroll equal length just to throw another confusing thing into the mix lol) Change happened at hatch when twin AVCS came in. (hawk is just single AVCS), the heads are the different. Alot of the blocks/heads are interchangeable, My type r was a 2.5 block out of a hatch with the stock classic v5 heads bolted to it (bearing in mind were talking actual engine heads that bolt to the short block, not exhaust manifold which gets renamed 'headers' just to clarify to anyone reading). Other changes did happen at blob to hawk, drive by wire being a notable one.
  2. Tidgy

    Impreza type R

    Nor really tbh, they are pretty much a 2 door sti. So the usual rear arch issues.
  3. Tidgy

    Impreza type R

    best way to describe them is Much more hardcore. Weigh less, shorter ratio gearbox, no aids like ABS, more noise in the cabin. Not sure i'd want to daily drive one tbh and not ideal for motorway driving due to shorter ratio box. As far as performance goes though a world apart for the same reasons as listed above and a much better performance car. Loved mine :)
  4. The hawk has the same manfold design as a bug, both unequal, its nothing to do with that.
  5. i suspect its exhaust related, plenty of burble from a 2.5.
  6. Need to check exactly what is covered and replaced with what. 2.5 has known ringland and headgasket issues, doe the warranty cover that? if so what does it cover, like for like or a specialist rebuild.
  7. Not sure where you got the impression the 2.5 is quieter than the 2.0 because that's not true? Its all about the exhaust system on both. Need to have some of the cats removed and you'll find a big difference 😉 Back box would be a good start, but you wont increase cabin noise without external going up as well
  8. Tidgy

    Subaru EJ25 engine bare block wanted

    tbh im not convinced there is one cause. I heard the map blamed before, but then remapped cars go and some unmapped don't. and a proper map is typically safer than the generic map Oil starvation causes failures on all engines 2.0 and 2.5 There's alot of theorys about why they go and not much hard fact. Given it affects even the new ones then i dont think subaru have learned anything from there flaws.
  9. Tidgy

    Subaru EJ25 engine bare block wanted

    yeah mine has mahle 2618 pistons in it. Manley H Tuff rods.
  10. 296, although may vary slightly when actually dyno'd. you wont notice any difference between 296 and 305 anyway
  11. Tidgy

    Subaru EJ25 engine bare block wanted

    An interesting discussion i have to say (maybe need its own thread?) I'm not actually sure what the ring gaps are on the 2.0 pistons and the 2.5? so you may have a better understanding than me on that. The material is the same as the 2.0, (cast hyperwhatever since 2003) on the 2.5 so unlikley to be an issue i would say or it would have cropped up on the 2.0. Headgasket failure could be the symptom rather than the cause, Overboost lifting the head maybe, although given wrx's and sti's are failing and stock cars i dont think thats the reason. Heat is def a big issue. the 2.5 def runs hotter than the 2.0. But im not sure it would be enough to cause the issues. It could well be a combination of all of the above 🙂
  12. Tidgy

    wrx sti 2004 need boot lid and spoiler

    Try scoobyclinic. They have a barn of wonders, aka parts haha
  13. Tidgy

    Subaru EJ25 engine bare block wanted

    Personaly i would see if yiu can source a closed decked block, try AS performance.
  14. Tidgy

    omex rev limiter.

    can be mapped into the over run, also its not great for the car
  15. Tidgy

    omex rev limiter.

    What are you trying to achieve? the ecu controls everything, no need to run anything else untill you get to the point of running big power. All this bolt on crap is a waste of money and half the time damages the engine.