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  1. try europa at sheffield, dads used them for many years for his XV
  2. depends if you go for a second hand full replacement box (have a nosey on ebay should give you an idea) or if you want to get your rebuilt.
  3. millage, service history?
  4. Don't really know anyone down your way im afraid, its worth traveling for a decent job though. Scoobyclinic up at chesterfield do all my work including building and mapping my engine.
  5. sounds like its hitting fuel cut, check for leaks in the pipes. if youd change the pipework i;d sugest restrictor pill, but if thats not changed then must be somethign else
  6. at 110k then i'd def recomend a full refresh, the berings wiull be pretty worn i expect
  7. afraid its not as simple as getting it programed out, cos they get water into them (which is why they fail) they can lock witht he butterflies in the wrong position and stuff up the afr. you need to blank of the system, remove the butterflies and then map it out.
  8. looks a bit meh when its fitted, but shows where its relocated
  9. afraid dont know much about them other than fitting isnt great. have you trued googling japspeed front mount engine bay? see if theres ome images to show what other folks have dont
  10. could be one of various sensors, have you chagne any pipework recently?
  11. yeah, they are softer than the potenza's i had on, but the potenzers go hard and crack before they wear out on mine lol
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