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  1. Gets advertise that way as well so dont worry about it.
  2. ah you mean road mapped, live mapping refers to tweaks being made as the car is running/driving rather than changes being done between pulls.
  3. Tidgy

    New hawkeye WRX owner

    no, it's a specific model, difference are what you have said lol
  4. Tidgy

    New hawkeye WRX owner

    it's a WRX-SL then 🙂
  5. glad its sorted. did you get a dyno graph?
  6. Tidgy

    New hawkeye WRX owner

    welcome, does it have leather seats?
  7. Tidgy

    Prospective buyer

    they are great cars, but be warned they suck mpg wise if your using it as a daily. Also worth looking at an STI instead of a wrx
  8. Tidgy

    2.35ltr STI 5 Build.

    it's getting there then, keep on it chap, does you credit
  9. Tidgy

    Happy birthday to me!

    happy bday and buggers 😞
  10. Tidgy

    Clutch judder

    60k miles on a clutch isnt bad considering your towing etc
  11. what weight it is?
  12. Sounds very much like headgasket failure. Bad news is its a full rebuild job inc bottom end. As far as if you can do it yourself, totaly up to you. however you need to be very careful with tolerances etc and needs to be done in a clean and dry envoronemnt.
  13. Tidgy

    2007 STI Limited

    Small update, poped up to clinic today. Engines out if the car ready for stripping. First hit of bad news is i checked the turbo while i was up there and its got a crack in the housing. Not sure what plan is for thay yet. Need to find out what report says when engine is stripped.
  14. Tidgy

    a few pics of my project so far

    mines awol for 3 months 😞
  15. Tidgy

    poor XV :(

    https://uk.news.yahoo.com/hotel-valet-cut-porsche-botched-parking-job-sydney-100100383.html whoops