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  1. im still amazed how much emphasis people put on dealer service history, i've found most decent independent specialists know considerably more than the dealers.
  2. no no i know you weren't dude 🙂 just from experiance i know how it adds up when you chuick in labour, and then vat is a killer as well, it's so easy to underestimate the costs, always worth shoipping round, but ive seen plenty of prices for 500 builds from different tuners and they all end up there or there abouts.
  3. Going from stock to 500, 20k isn't far off when you brake down the costs. Bear in mind your not doing it in your garage, so you have to take into account labour and such. Engine build, clutch, turbo, ecu, front mount, exhaust, headers, intake, injectors, fuel pump etc etc plus a hole load of supporting mods you;d wanna run like oil cooler etc
  4. thats the US and they are well known for pushing them to destruction and just replacing the engine as they are cheap as chips. Also WHP is calculated differently and is roughly BHP flywheel figure, so 500 at the wheels is around 625 ish at the fly, not a hope in hell of a stock 2.5 doing that, maybe for a couple of dyno pulls, but thats it. Be very very wary of any information you get on Facebook as its a well known for dodgy info and cowboy tuners/mappers
  5. at 500bhp your looking at rebuild so will be pricey.
  6. cs400 was a forged engine from factory
  7. Welcome, 400bhp without a rebuild? good luck that it manages to survive to that and i would expect a rebuild in less than 5k miles
  8. In that case i'd wait and bide your time, instead of dumping a load of wasted money save it and buy a decent wrx in a couple of years,
  9. you do realise the insurance will prob cost less on a wrx than modding it and then insuring it?
  10. Don't bother, by the time you've done what you need to do to do it properly it will cost more than selling it and buying a wrx that has alot more upgrades like brakes, suspension etc etc