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  1. I do know a couple of occasions where the damage was so bad it did take out the crank as well 😞 You never really know till the engine is stripped
  2. That sounds way way way too cheap. The 2.5 is more susceptable to crank bearing damage, so its not the crank itself, just the bearings that get damaged. So the 2.5 is realy the one to do the crank bearings when the HG goes. But given the age of the car i would be amazed if the bearingsa arn't showing signs of ware, meaning you could get it done and it fails soon after if you don't
  3. So apparetly thats actualy aimed at bikers and harleys in particular, its down the road from a popular motorbike cafe as i understand it
  4. I wish i owned the place hahaha, i've been a customer of theirs for about 15 years 🙂 wasnt a good chapter in the history of them, but was 3 mearly 4 years ago now. You pays your money you makes your choice at the end of the day
  5. i know they have them in london cos of allt he overseas supercars that come in and drive round like loons. but i;d be surprised if there is one there.
  6. prepare for about 20000000 different answers hahaha i always use scoobyclinic over at chesterfield, bit of a trek for you though. not really sure whos any good up that way tbh
  7. Def sounds like power steering related, if the fluid level is ok then i would guess the pump may be on the way out.
  8. Simply put if no paperwork, assume stock engine.
  9. Does sound like potential nocking bottom end, gentle revs, circa 2k you'll ear it, Not saying 100% thats it, but get it checked out and drive it as little as possible till its checked to limit any potential further (and worse) damage
  10. at thata milage i would expect an engine rebuild fairly soon if its not been done already. so if a big bill would be an issue i'd leave it
  11. welcome, you may find the forrester is better than defender
  12. I use scoobyclinic up at Chesterfield for all my work. Good run up that way from here across the back roads haha
  13. about 3 miles from you, ripley haha
  14. Slight addition, unfortunately adam passed away a few months back but he sold it on well before that, where it's been since he sold it or how its been treated I couldn't say.