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  1. i've got tein flex z on my saloon. very impressed with them
  2. First off, the 2.5 is just as bad from hawk onto even the final edition, doesn't matter if its wrx or sti, they all suffer from ringland and headgasket issues. Subaru stopped doing a proper forged engine in 2001 (well before the 2.5 came in ironicly) Modified and standard doesn't make any difference up to a certain power, over 350bhp and your on borrowed time on a stock 2.5. Well looked after or not (although poor maintenance will always result in a less reliable car) they still fail. I hear a figure of about failure rate of around 35%. which is pretty astronomical in car terms but in truth it's a educated guess. Really its pure luck if you get a good or bad one. I know of at least one car that had 3 engines within 10k miles from new 😮 That's the bad, the good is built right the 2.5 is an epic road engine, plenty of low down grunt. Well looked after and tuned right they are proper weapons on the road. Proper forged rebuild will prob start around 7k ish for a proper decent basic forged build (assuming you don't do it yourself) with an upper limit really depending on how far you wanna go as far as power goes.
  3. It used to be sports cat, panel filter and a flash map, not 100% sure if its the same on the 2011 though
  4. they got shunted of the m69 into the central reservation by a driver who decided to not brake for the slowing traffic in front. XV was written off, front and rear end damage, but they walked away uninjured luckily.
  5. Welcome dont be fooled, a recall isn't a warrenty issue. They legally have to do it and if they dont can get into serious hot water. It's basically sorting out a ***** up by subaru in the design of the vehicle or a manufacturing issue. XV's are pretty good though, dads had two and been pretty good, they crash well as well lol
  6. not sure on exact price, i seem to remember a cobra one being about £600 for just one sports cat :0
  7. Sports cats are alot of money, if you cant find a friendly mot place then i'd just look for someone selling a standard exhaust, be alot cheaper than a sports cat even second hand.
  8. Scoobyclinic are based down at chesterfield and can advise best route to go for what you want to achieve.
  9. I've always used scoobyclinic up at chesterfield
  10. New pads are in, gone for mintex 1155's 🙂
  11. i expect its kicking out alof of flames which is whats doing it
  12. well anything with a 2.5 is pretty much a ticking time bomb as far as engine goes. So if it has a 2.5 and not had a forged build then budget 5-10k depending on build spec. Beyond that they are pretty much just a typical impreza.
  13. yep, it is the one. have you got a full spec list of the engine?
  14. 😮 how could you ask such a personal question in public 😮 hahaha, whoops yeah, cleared now dude