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  1. we tried to keep my wifes bug on the road and dropped more money than i care to total up into repairs, but it was just one thing after another 😞 finaly bought the bullet and got her a hawk wrx lol if you are thinking of getting another one then can always looking at buying before you sell your current one and swapping off the parts like wheels you wanna keep.
  2. How far you planning on taking the track car? If your thinking of all the way then cheapest decent shell you can find will be best starting point. Also need to find somewhere with experience to build and spec it. Weekend car id look for a tidy type r
  3. It's a catch 22, highly likley it will come back, also if its at the stage of reducing the rear seatbelt strength then it's going to be very far gone. Although i;d be interested to know how they came up with that, Yes it is a considerable amount of work depending on how far gone they are your talking £500+ as a minimum, then when they remove stuff to find the extent of the damage they may find it's worse than they thought. Also if the sills are that bad i expect the arches will be not far behind them which will be £500+ a side to get them done properly and again will depend on how far the
  4. No she loved it, her new one doesnt have it though lol
  5. my wife calls hill start 'butt wiggle' pmsl only slightly relevant to the thread but i thought why not lol
  6. Just a note that if you want more raw performance then you want a type r over a P1.
  7. unless they mean widetrack version which has rear arch lips. which basicly means 05 blob on
  8. i thought they left the system after 5 tbh, but try keith micheals insurance, need to speak to gary moulson there, he can be a pain to get hold of as he's always mega busy.
  9. Theres a guy in facebook that seems to have a very good rep and not heard of any horror storys. Not used him personaly though, although need to get the wife a spare so may well be soon,
  10. Sounds indeed like might be headgasket. Doesnt always burn oil, depends which part of the gaskets gone. I suggest you get it to a specialist and get them to take a look.
  11. haha, so many people come back very quickly 😄 welcome back 😄
  12. They dont, they just get em mapped on normal fuel im afraid. Mate is from over your way and he hates he can onl.y get crap fuel
  13. Depens ont he wheel offset i believe
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