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  1. As long as the map is done properly it wont add any strain. A remap is typically just reducing tolerance due to knowing the perimeters of the specific engine itself. Upping the boost will add some strain but a decent mapper shouldn't be overloading it anyway. So short version is no a full custom map wont give you issues assuming it is done correctly
  2. May be a bit high maybe an hour but not by alot, keep in mind its a 10+ year old car and the bolts will be a right mess meaning extra time to sort them out. Your talking alot of components in that list, plus you have geometry setup time in that as well which for a proper job will be a good hour or two given its going to be a full setup.
  3. Nice 😄 hope your having a decent mapper look at it lol
  4. Tidgy

    EJ25 Build Help

    Gonna need a darn sight more than a few thou to get rid of those, it looks like its nibbled the edge of the piston. Your also going to affect the compression and reduce the strength of the piston by removing material. I would be junking anything like that and putting decent forged new pistons in. yes would cost extra money, but given the cost of a rebuild if they fail, its a small sum given the potential risk. Also advisable do to the bottom end again given the det that bad might well have cause the bearing to be nipped.
  5. Tidgy

    EJ25 Build Help

    you'd really reuse pistons with that much damage on them?
  6. Tidgy

    EJ25 Build Help

    given the damage i would suggest the whole thing needs stripping down, crank bearings will prob need doing, new pistons, as far as if block is ssalvageable need to see how bad the damage is and see if its still within tollerance
  7. Tidgy

    EJ25 Build Help

    that piston is screwed. looks like you have had some det going on. Was it mapped after it was built? block/head surfaces dont look to great either, were they skimmed before the rebuild?
  8. Tidgy

    Ecu reprogramming

    you might want to find out what the fault is rather than just turning it off 😉
  9. Tidgy

    Navigation help

    yeah looks it, tbh you could either replace it with another double din sat nav (seem to be £150 ish for ebay special ), or just get a tom tom.
  10. hahaha nice just need to get on the back of the DVLA 😄
  11. i've found the suppliers of it, hahaha
  12. A fair doo's, i thought from yur post it was just a normal jdm sti. should look externally the same as that.
  13. nice, did you know when you got it?
  14. def looks like its an A-line, rare beasty if so