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  1. short version, there aint any, they are cheap for a reason. i run tein flex z on mine and they are about £850 + fitting, for that sort of budget im not aware of any better, alot seem to be to hard and make the ride crashy
  2. i dont think check engine light comes on for afr's, how do you know its a fueling issue?
  3. don;t know anywhere down in londaon im afraid, if you dont mnd traveling scoobyclinic up at chesterfield have done hundreds, if not thousands of them. just a warning, although you may know, you wont know the full extent of the damage till its stripped and outer wing removed, may find its got at the suspension tops in the worst case.
  4. looking at the leak figures alone you can see the engine is otaly goosed, sorry to her 😞 hope you get somewhere with the seller
  5. have to confess not sure whos down that way, sure other folks will know
  6. The short version is the ecu is looking for the bits you've removed, you need to get it mapped out. My advice is stay well clear of racedungnamics, wouldn't trust the muppet to map my toaster.
  7. Previous owner could have moded it and then returned it to stock when sold on, happens alot. if your getting it mapped then doesnt really matter either way
  8. The stock oil filter is fine, mines setup as a 500bhp daily and runs stock, i also know full blown race cars still running them 🙂 A good way to check all ok is chuck it on a dyno, can check AFR's, det etc etc that wont be shown up by the ecu alot of the time.
  9. Best way to get 350bhp, sell the car and buy an sti, vf35, exhaust and map. There are alot of below the surface difference between a n/a and even a wrx which makes it not cost viable to do. Prob not what you want to hear, but buying the turbo'd car is a better starting point than a sport and modding it.
  10. 1st thing is are you sure its a wrx-s? i know it sounds daft to ask but people rebadge/modify and sell cars as something they arnt to bumpt he price up (wrx sold as sti is a very common one although alot easier to spot) Second, which is my guess as to whats happened, has it ever been modified? If its been moded and then returned to stock it may have a stock wrx map applied to it instead of a wrx-s
  11. The non turbo engines seem pretty bullet proof. removing the turbo removes alot of the strain on the engine and rest of the components.
  12. Proh rocker cover gasket, pretty common but get it done asap
  13. if thats the case then you unlikley to see anythign with an endoscope. WIll need a strip and inspect
  14. hmm, tbh does sound very dodgy, but if he has opffered to fix it then that might be your cheapest option