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  1. why do you need an s7? s7 and s6 are pretty similar
  2. hahaha, its a whole different ball game 😄
  3. no no, they are decent kit for what they do, its just a case of they havn't been made for many many years now and all electronics arn't the most reliable as they get older. Link vs syvecs isnt as big a gap as you think, its a toss up i've been making for mine. What you don't find out till the time you have one fitted is you need certain extra things, for example to use the full features and get the best out of it you need a sensor pack is about £1000 for decent sensors and installation. So for mine, Link ecu £1400 (ish), was quoted around £3k fitted inc fuel flex etc Syvecs S7L ecu £2100 (ish), was quoted around £3.5k fitted with fuel flex etc So about £500 new (seemed to be less cost for the syvecs installation and mapping so could just be a bit company dependant as clinic is syvecs home base of course) Fitting, mapping and sensor pack, fuel flex, cal switch etc is all gonna be the same across them. which all adds money on to the cost but would be the same for both. The syvecs does have some additional features that the link doesn't, rolling launch controll, more inputs and oututs allowing more things to be connected. You can pick up second hand syvecs now and again so an S6 would do the job and prob be around £1500. But that said the link is more than enough for most setups.
  4. a decent condition working apexi is become very rare now adays, given the hassel of old electronics i'd just chuck a link in, or a syvecs if your feeling flush of course 😄
  5. would help if i clicked the right link for the brochure,,,,,,,,,,,, lol was looking at it and it was just tech specs and i was thinking what brochure? hahahaha
  6. where ever you get it mapped dont get dunkhan graham aka racedynamix, total cowboy.
  7. So what are the specific differences?
  8. s202 is basicly a limited edition of the bug, if its decent nick then buy it 🙂 https://www.type-ra.com/impreza-s202-sti-version/ https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/gallery-info?id=6 off the top of my head, it should have, titanium exhaust, roof vent, wheels are unique to the model, carbon spoiler, black seats etc etc
  9. Tidgy


    http://www.en.japanclassic.ru/booklets/161-subaru-impreza-gdgg-2004-wrx-wr-limited-gd-gg.html cant see anything on it that mentions twin scroll
  10. Tidgy


    tbh i didnt think any of the wrx's were twin scroll.
  11. full systems arnt cheap any more, gone are the days of cheap modding on classic scoobs 😞
  12. prices are what they are, bear in mind they wont be selling many legacy exhausts so price will reflect that, aka unit cost will be higher
  13. i;ve only ever used them mail order tbh, but they have a decent rep. they have an ebay shop as well whihc i believe is cheaper for some parts compared to their website
  14. importcarparts is prob your best option for oem stuff, most other places buy from there