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  1. Hi, I have a 2007 Hawkeye Impreza WRX STI with a HKS blow off valve that a previous owner has put on there and is causing me some issues. I'm looking to replace it with an OEM part and I haven't had any luck on ebay. If anyone has one lying around in decent condition I'd be happy to buy it from you. Thanks, Rob.
  2. I have a 2009 Subaru WRX. And I believe I have blown the turbo, can anyone confirm this sound is a blown turbo or something else potentially more serious? Please see attached video.!ACxQA9_LJuplgTc Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone, i am new here and im looking for some help regarding a parasitic draw issue ive been having and cant figure out. I have narrowed it down to the 20A clock room fuse in the engine bay, and upon further investigation and disconnecting everything that i have found on that circuit, the draw was still there.. So i decided to dig under the dash and look for something that is warm therefore drawing constant power, i found a denso 5260 relay with a blue connector that is sitting ontop of the fuse box bracket( clipped in from the underside pretty much hidden away) and what do you know, i
  4. Hi can anyone help me I have a 1994 wrx that had been decatted I have since fitted a 200cpi sports cat and its still failing the emissions for the mot any help would be grateful my car is a wrx 1994 gc8 jdm import thanks
  5. Hey team, I have just signed up, seen similar posts regarding this but I have done some extra things unlike others. I have recently converted to a front mount intercooler and upgraded to a Td05 20g turbo, I have also put in a DW200 fuel pump and still have STI Pink injectors to go in..I have put these in and I am now having what seems to be a misfire issue. I believe it is from a vaccum leak but I am stumped on where it could be coming from. I have it at a shop but it is there on a pay first basis and it is there to get other work carried out too so I am doing most of the work myself as m
  6. My 54 reg silver WRX hatchback engine has blown and as I have 2 other Subarus I am going to scrap it. Up until the point it blew yesterday all was well and much of it is in quite good condition for its age so would be good for parts or as a project for a recon engine. If anyone would like to make me an offer for the whole vehicle before I phone the scrap traders then please feel free.
  7. Is there anywhere i could buy actual tail lights that look like that and not the overlay thing?
  8. Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2010 hatch wrx and am considering getting it mapped. I am a little worried after I heard the factory tune runs lean and don't wanna get any trouble because of it. Hence I want to get the car tuned. (Obviously the extra power isn't exactly a downside either haha) Who do you recommend going to? I live down south in Dorset but I don't mind travelling a bit. I've read good stuff about scoobyclinic on this forum... Are they the goto people for tuning Subarus? Thank you in advance!
  9. Hey I am planning on buying a 2009 Impreza hatch but i wanna make it look wider like an WRX or even an STI, but i have no idea if there is anywhere i could buy those OEM style wide fenders and bumpers.
  10. Hello, I have a Subaru Impreza 2009 WRX 2.5 hatch, it has the CD player head unit, I am considering installing a Sat Nav depending on how much is involved. My preference would be to fit the OEM one as the car is totally standard and unmolested. There seems to be OEM Sat Nav units available for about £250. Can anyone tell me what is involved in getting this to function once installed? Are there any codes needed before it will work with my car / ECU? What about updates etc? Can it be used as a navigation unit free without a subscription (Starlink)? As you can tell i don't know a lot ab
  11. Hi there I own a 97 subaru impreza wrx. I inherited from my dad who passed. He always wanted to put a bigger turbo on it and get it mapped. So I'm going to do it. Just wondering what is a safe power to go to. I've heard people mention that gearboxes can go on them. It's decated. Got an intercooler, uprated cold air feed and walbro 255 pump. Im getting 550cc injectors and a bigger turbo. I was thinking hybrid my td04 or getting a 20g td05. If anyone else has other turbo ideas I'm happy to hear them. Just dont want to be spending a £1000 just on a turbo lol. Not that rich. Just looking for gener
  12. I’m collecting a late 2005 model WRX Wagon next week, and the steering wheel is seriously tired - first picture (looks worse close up) I’d like to change it to the earlier version, also pictured, is this possible or will there be airbag issues? If not this one are there any other options I have? Any help much appreciated. James
  13. FOR SALE! - £350.00 OEM Subaru Refurbished Gloss Black 17" Alloy Wheels GENUINE OEM SUBARU IMPREZA STI / WRX 17" FULLY REFURBISHED ALLOY WHEELS FINISHED IN GLOSS BLACK - 4x Genuine OEM Subaru 17"Alloy Wheels Finished in Gloss Black Alloy Wheels FItment: 7J x 17H2 Stud Pattern: 5 Stud Colour: Gloss Black (Recently Refurbished by Pristine Wheels of Milton Keynes) Refurbishment These wheels have been meticulously refurbished by Pristine Wheels of Milton Keynes. Feel free to look them up online. each wheel cost me 70.00 each for the full top stan
  14. Suburu Imprezza WRX STI Type UK AWD Full service history Millage around 65k 2.5 petrol 300bhp Manual 6 speed gear box MOT until July 2020 62 plate Owned since July 2019 (reluctant sale) Imaculate body and paint work Small scuff passanger side alloy After market exhaust Grimspeed oil return hose plus additional aftermarket upgrades Side and front splitters Recaro seats (half leather) All internal systems spot on Clean inside (small wear to carpet near accelerator) Viewings welcome but no time wasters. Plate not included
  15. Is it me or are the brakes on the hawkeye 160bhp non turbo terrible? I literally feel they have zero stopping power. Now I'm aware clearly fluid, tryes, pads, discs all play a part in this however are they known for being a poor braking system on the hawkeye. Or is it my modle GD9 being a non turbo all having poor brakes. My classic WRX I had previously seemed to have a far greater stopping power. I have been looking at the GD9 brakes avaliable and looking at ebay it would appear STI WRX four pots and 2 pot calipers front and rears fit. Is this the case? If
  16. Hello people, the front brakes on my 2008 impreza rx are binding so I now want to upgrade them I believe they are 2 pot vented at the moment. From research I dont think sti ones won't fit but will the wrx 4 pot ones fit?? I've found wrx pro calipers and disks for about £250. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers
  17. Good to be here. Currently on my 3rd subie but this ones a long term project. Mechanically nearly finished then time for bodywork and interior. Photos to follow
  18. Hi. I have a seibon Carbon bonnet on my 2005 blobeye however the current washer jet nozzles seem to be too small and move about in the new bonnets holes, are larger ones available and does anyone know from where or have any ideas. Gratefull for your responses.
  20. Hi everyone ive just joined and am going crazy. I have spent months going round in circles looking for a company in the uk to send my subaru impreza 2002 wrx to for an engine build. i would like more power full engine build tuning ect. Please can i get some reputable recommended company`s thank you.
  21. I have a Subaru hatch WRX-S (Narrow body) and I am keen to upgrade to 6 gears. Running 400bhp (I know not safe) and am awaiting the inevitable bang from my 5 speed gearbox 😂 anyone recommend a company who can take care of this? Parts, fitting the lot. Im from near Brighton so south is ideal. Aware it’s a big job however I haven’t got the time to do it myself and from research the rabbit hole goes deep (axle, lower control arms, driveshaft etc etc 😢) and I will want it running ASAP once it does pop 💥 thanks in advance AWD fam 👌🏻
  22. Hi - don't shoot me please I'm not in a Subaru, BUT I'm chopping private wheels shortly and have the following number plate coming off: N (for Nippon) 4 (for Flat Four) 28 (for 280 Horses) WRX Please message me if you want to discuss, or have a better idea on where best to post this particular 'for sale'. Thanks.
  23. I've got one of those haha issues: I bought a hyperflow TMIC on ebay for 280 which seemed like a decent deal since STi ones go for 250. Problem is it is larger than an STi intercooler. Much much larger. Since I have a WRX I've got to change the intercooler tray (the metal thingie that sits between scoop and TMIC) and the scoop itself because it won't fit the STi TMIC tray. But even this one is small for the hyperflow, about 1 inch smaller in width and half an inch in height. Has anyone ever run across one of them, installed one of them? Apart from just ignoring the difference in size
  24. Apologies if this is Posted in the wrong place. 2 days into Impreza ownership the CEL comes on suggesting secondary air pump valve stuck open 😒 the 60amp slow blow fuse had blown and the closest Subaru main dealers only had a 50 which I replaced it with anyway, I’m expecting it to go again first thing in the morning now the outside temperature has dropped. So what’s the general consensus with these pumps? Subaru want an eye watering amount to replace the system but i’m aware they can be removed, blocked off and mapped out (I did this on the equivalent system on my old Yamaha R1 whi
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