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  1. Rubber Mat Smell ?

    Thanks I will try that over the next couple of days, Terry
  2. Rubber Mat Smell ?

    Hi just wondered if anyone could help, as well as my forester I own a van for use with my business. Anyway I have purchased some rubber mats as an exact fit, the only problem is they really stink, that strong chemical rubber smell. they have been in for a few weeks now and I thought the smell might fade but it isnt and it is making me feel sick and giving me headache so just wondered if anyone has had anything like this before and is there any thing to wipe them with to remove stink. thanks Terry
  3. Dashcams, show us your view!

    Thanks very much, I have bought one of these readers and tried it and it works fine as you said, Terry
  4. Dashcams, show us your view!

    Could anyone tell me how to get video files onto computer, Whenever I plug my dash cam into imac I just get a blue screen on the camera and nothing happens even if I try to playback files. Was wandering if I ever need to get files off it how the hell to do it, Any help appreciated Terry
  5. Dab Radio Reception.

    Just a quick question for anyone with a DAB unit fitted in the car. I recently had the pioneer avic 9780 dab fitted into my car and have been very happy with it, but over the last few days reception has been rubbish to the point that I was thinking aerial wasn't working properly. I have contacted the guy that installed it and he said that the current hot temperatures with high pressure are the cause of it as it interferes with dab signals and it will right itself when conditions change, if not he will sort it for me. Anyway just wondered if anyone else is having this problem or heard this sort of thing happening, thanks, Terry.
  6. wax and detailer

    Well I used the clay cloth with meguires shampoo then followed that with meguires liquid wax, Very impressed will be sticking to this stuff from now on Terry
  7. wax and detailer

    I already have a clay cloth that I have never used, However I intend to use it. My paintwork is excellent but I have noticed when I wash it there is sometimes a residue on the surface that does move with a bit of work, I sort of assume this is a build up of different polishes and wax as no doubt the subaru dealer I bought the car from will have lathered it on even though the paintwork is excellent so hopefully the clay cloth will remove this and I can start again, Terry
  8. wax and detailer

    Thanks for that, I don't need to compound the car as paintwork very good, But i have ordered liquid wax and quick wax for in-between applications. I have even ordered a buffing machine so I am well set up now for a while at least and some meguires txt generation shampoo as may as well keep it all the same, Thanks, Terry
  9. wax and detailer

    Thanks, I will stick with wax I think, Just wondered what detailer was as a few people in reviews said they used both. When I bought my car i bought the armour shield stuff but I am not impressed, Especially the alloy wheel stuff that is supposed to keep wheels clean or easier to clean as they get dirtier than they did before I used it. I think I will try the meguire products as they seem to be quite well rated at a reasonable price thanks, Terry
  10. wax and detailer

    Hi all, was going to get some wax for my car and was thinking about trying the meguires range, However when looking (on Amazon) a lot of reviewers were talking about using detailer and I just wondered what is the difference between detailer and wax if there is any, some people said they use both together and I just wondered if there is any advantage or benefit of doing this. so what do you all use, its very confusing which is the best product to get as there is so much choice and all of them state they are the best for one reason or another, thanks, Terry
  11. New Top Gear.

    It was poor and amateurish, very false and why did they have to try and copy everything that jezzer used to say, this made it cringeworthy. Top gear has always been one of my favourite programmes but not now, and why keep shouting. Never ever liked evans in any way nothings changed. Matt le blanc has no real personality in fact a boring sod who doesn't seem to want to get hands dirty, the other 3 used to bodge up their cars to get through the challenges but he just sat in it on a tow truck. all in all a right load of crap!
  12. Mud Flaps

    No matt they are black with subaru on them.
  13. Mud Flaps

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone has had any of the mudflaps available on eBay, usually around £8.00 for a pair. Have seen these on eBay and have subaru logo on them, although I know they aren't original. when i am on a dirt road it is throwing all sorts of crap up and i tow a caravan so thought about getting these and just wondered if they fit ok, look decent etc, any comments appreciated Terry
  14. Hard Wire connection.

    Well I bought the nextbase 312gw camera with hardwire fusebox fitting kit from halfords. Fitting was a little fiddly but not difficult, however now its fitted I am getting interference on my radio from it. There was a ferrite core in the box that is supposed to stop this and I have put it on the wire but there is still some interference but not as much. Just wondered if anyone knows how to overcome this please, assuming you have had this problem that is, Thanks very much, Terry
  15. Hard Wire connection.

    Thanks for the replies, I am going to do this as I hate Wires all over the place. I think my fuse box has the smaller fuses do these connect kits from halyards still fit these please? Thanks, Terry.