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  1. Rizmo

    Fuel saver info screen

    Cheers for that. So many different knobs and switches, doing all sorts of odd things! Will get my neighbour’s ten year old to sort it 😂
  2. Rizmo

    What did you do to your XV today???

    Had my third service yesterday, last of the free ones! Looks like I will have to start saving for the next one😂
  3. Rizmo

    Fuel saver info screen

    On my late 15 reg, with stop and go, the time stopped and fuel saved screen only showed whilst stop and go operating. Since yesterday’s service, it shows all the time, except when other messages come on (door open, low fuel, etc). Anyone else had this happen, after recent service? Not annoying, but got used to the empty box under the fuel gauge 😂
  4. Rizmo

    Windscreen replacement - alarm issues

    Screen finally fitted, and bought new wiper blades, so back for MOT retest tomorrow. Everything seems to work OK, but need some rain to test the auto wipers 😓
  5. Rizmo

    Windscreen replacement - alarm issues

    Meant to have mine replaced today, but they spotted wrong mirror fixing, so hope right screen comes next week. Hope yours is sorted by then.
  6. Spotted crack in windscreen so contacted insurance and appointment made for screen company to come today. Got new screen out of van, thankfully before taking old one out, and spotted that interior mirror fixing different, so wrong screen. New appointment made for Thursday, but mot booked for Tuesday!!! Fortunately mot not due till 20th, so will cancel and rearrange. Why do these things all happen at once??
  7. Rizmo

    Crack in windscreen

    Spotted 2 inch crack in XV windscreen, this morning. Went out and, on return, saw it was now 4 inch crack! Sounds like a new screen, with all the problems that brings. Wonder if Autoglass will manage to get, and fit, the right spec screen?
  8. Rizmo

    Battery Discharge - Help

    I was surprised to find modern cars get hardly any battery charge from alternator, as it is too busy running all the electrical bits modern cars need. Most charge comes on braking or overrun (when you take foot off loud pedal, for any reason). I also do a low mileage, but do use the car most days, and with all the hills, I get plenty of downhill running and braking, so battery always well charged.
  9. That tortoise should be in hibernation by now!
  10. Rizmo

    Creaking/knocking from rear

    Took to dealer today, who had a ride out and agreed creaking was there, but thought not serious. Probably a dry bush or similar. Recorded, and if gets worse to take back. No charge for it, which was excellent, as had been told £50 for “diagnostic”. Downside was that they are losing Subaru dealership, so won’t get third (free) service done there. Dealers getting a bit thin on the ground round here!
  11. Past few days there has been a creaking or knocking from rear nearside of car. Sounds a bit like a dry joint or suspension noise. Mainly on tight corners, mini roundabouts and the like, at slow speeds, or at normal speed on bumpy roads. Checked everywhere for loose items in boot, etc. Is it just the long spell of dry weather, as that used to make my cars creak, many moons ago!
  12. Quick run to the supermarket, and frightened a black Impreza! And tonight sold my Transit. Got knocked down £500, but its tax and insurance due now, and mot next month, so reckon it balances out.
  13. Rizmo

    Sat Nav update

    Having been quoted two arms and a leg to update maps (and they did not know if maps updated since 2015), I did not bother. Have found a few reasonable price updates on the web, where they supply new sd card, but, I have been told that the sd card has other info on it, as supplied by Subaru, which would not be on the third party map one. Anyone had an update, via dealer or third party, and can advise. Might add that I tend to use my phone mapping for pinpointing destination, and built in for general directions, so no urgency!
  14. Rizmo

    Non turbo insurance

    My insurance with Saga (yes, I am an old git - lol), has nearly doubled. Phoned and moaned, as you do, and they dropped the price to keep me, and ended up only paying the increased VAT for this year, based on last year's premium - result!