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  1. Hi guys, My wheels look terrible. Now I'm settled in with the car I'm looking to start rescuing it from year of mistreatment. Can these wheels be saved or am I better off ditching them and starting again. I've never seen this kind of damage before. Cheers.
  2. Code readers

    Well I'm no longer just looking for a code reader, I need one lol. Eml came on tonight. Can anyone add further advice on these points? Ive tried looking for free SSM2 but every link I try is a dead end. Any suggestions where I can find a copy? Would ELM327 work? I've seen a few of these on eBay but don't want to pick up the wrong one. Again, thanks for the help guys.
  3. Twitchy vague steering

    A 96 328 coupe with 183k on it won't get me many scooby bits sadly lol. The handling is a little better with balanced tyre pressures now. I'll look at new wheels and tyres in a couple of months. Currently my time is spent lusting after Hayward and Scott cat back exhausts hehe. I need more burble!
  4. Twitchy vague steering

    Thanks guys, Checked my tyre pressures today, nsr 16psi osr 42.5psi. You'd imagine buying a car just serviced from a dealer would have at least checked the tyres lol. I think I'll finish off the tread on the ditchfinders (seriously who puts budget tyres on a wrx?) pick a new set of boots and get it aligned properly. I've only just fitted coilovers tyres and aligned my 328 I don't think I can afford to do that lot again for a few months lol
  5. Hi guys, I was enjoying a spirited drive last night and at a certain, fairly high speed the steering gets incredibly light making the car shimmy as it goes over bumps etc to the point I backed off. I'm new to Subaru and still feeling my way into its handling. Is this a fairly normal thing for a standard WRX blob to feel so light? Would upgraded suspension help to just adjust the ride heights to put more weight over the front? Any help or experiences appreciated, thanks.
  6. Scoobyfest July 2nd 2017 York raceway

    If I've not killed the car by then I fancy having a trip up to see what's what and get some ideas.
  7. Code readers

    Spot on, thanks for the advice
  8. Back on the road!!... oh, wait!

    Fair play, that's a level of determination above and beyond. Fingers crossed it gives you nothing but smiles from now on.
  9. Code readers

    Hi guys, I'm into my first week and loving my blobeye WRX so far. Just wondering which is the preferred code reader for these? I've got an old vagcom from my VW days but I've no idea what works best for Subaru. Also, I've seen a touchscreen to replace the stereo which took a feed from a Bluetooth plug on the obd so things like oil, boost, coolant etc could be shown. I'm not sure it was on an Impreza though. Have any of you guys heard of this and know where to look? Thanks.
  10. should i debadge it or not

    Personally I love the de-badged look, it's neater in my opinion. I'm not usually too fussed what someone else thinks my car is or isn't. I once got told my 328I sport was just a 318 coupe. His Volvo headlights got a nice view of me driving away :)
  11. Owners age

    36 and finally got mine this week after years of looking on and off.
  12. Finally gone and bought an Impreza

    Picked it up tonight. 1st impressions. It steers sweetly, corners level and sounds fantastic. The stereo is just about the worst in car I've ever heard. Worryingly, I've noticed a bit of a whine in second when in slow traffic but all other gears seem quiet. (any advice?) Is it best to run on super unleaded? Cheers
  13. Finally gone and bought an Impreza

    Thanks. I tried the whole it's got isofix for my daughters car seat and the aircon/central locking works (unlike my 328) but the look on her face suggested I'd be better off changing the subject hehe. Japfest sounds good, I'll see if I can get the weekend off.
  14. Hi guys, I've finally gone and done it I've put a deposit down on my first WRX. So I thought I'd have a look around here for tips, hints and general ideas etc. It's an black 04 saloon 2 owners 89k Fsh and standard bar a stainless exhaust (two tail pipes to look like a standard pipe, that'll be coming off sharpish). I'm part excited, part praying it doesn't come back to bite me in the !Removed!. To say the missus is unimpressed is an understatement. Although I am selling my bike to pay the car off so she should pipe down soon enough. Hopefully I'll see some of you about. I'm planning on taking it to Wales for the WRC later in the year and anything that's on generally around Lincs. Cheers.