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  1. Hi im after a brand new or mint condition drivers side headlight please for my blobeye. If you got one please pm me.
  2. 2003 Impreza STI type UK with certified Prodrive Performance Pack in Obsidian Black . Car has done 107k miles. Car runs and drives perfectly and has FSH. It has MOT til 9th November 2019. Smoke free and pet free. The car has not been mapped or tampered with. The only aftermarket modifications on the car are:- twin Perrin wing stiffies (stops rear spoiler buffeting at high speed) https://www.perrin.com/shop/exterior-body/wing-stabilizer Perrin bracket with twin Hella horns https://www.perrin.com/shop/exterior-body/hella-horns-bracket-kit Perrin radiator shroud (forces more through radiator) https://www.perrin.com/shop/engine-dress-up/radiator-shroud Perrin Intercooler Coupler pipe https://www.perrin.com/shop/intercoolers/silicone-coupler-kit GFB Blow off valve http://scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=47_61_606&products_id=4003 Defi Genome Boost Gauge with controller These can be easily removed if potential buyers does not want them. I still have the original recirc valve. Apart from the mods listed above the car is stock and not messed about with. The cambelt was replaced at 97k miles by Subaru City in Wolverhampton. Previous MOT highlighted an oil leak from one axle seal on rear diff. All seals were replaced on rear diff by Subaru City and parts were sourced from Import Car Parts. Oil and filter change is done every 6 months regardless of mileage and all filters and oil changed annually (two oil and filter changes every year, my OCD). All service parts have been genuine apart from the air filter where a Cosworth panel filter is used, sourced from Import Car Parts, only black Subaru oil filter used. Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 Ester Fully Synthetic Engine Oil used only, sourced from Opie oils. New rear drop links, previous owner has fitted an uprated clutch (documented on paperwork). The car is currently running at 288 bhp, left factory with 300 bhp; it is a 16 year old car!!! dyno print out available. Dyno run carried out Thwaites Development Racing in Coventry. This is very nice example and has not been abused like many Subaru's around today. Interior is mint with no rips or tears. STI Type UK comes with the semi-closed deck EJ20 Engine block, Forged pistons from the factory, VF35 Turbocharger, 6 Speed Short Shift STI Gearbox, STI Alcantara Seats, Brembo 4 pot front brakes, Brembo 2 pot rear brakes, 17" STI Alloy wheels, High Level rear spoiler, Red LED Gear shift indicator, Geometry set up, good tyres all round (Michellin F1 eagles). The bad bits in my opinion, wheels could do with a refurb (same condition from when I purchased it), small stone chips on front bumper and bonnet (expected from a 16 year old car and its my daily runner), boot release cable is stretched so cant open boot from the cabin but does open with key (I have replacement cable to fit which I’ll give to buyer and I would have done in summer). What was included in a Prodrive Performance Pack? Typical modifications you’d find in a PPP installation would be: Remapped ECU (a result of which Prodrive strongly recommend sticking to 98+ octane fuel) Sports Catalyst Backbox (silencer) High Flow Fuel Pump – often a Walbro 255lph I believe https://impreza.co/ppp-subaru-prodrive-performance-pack/ A very good investment as prices of stock STi’s are rising. Please no tyre kickers or test pilots. I have advertised the car elsewhere too. Private registration will be removed as its not included in the sale. £10500 *** ANY TEST DRIVES WILL BE DONE WITH ME PRESENT ON PRODUCTION OF FULL DRIVING LICENSE, INSURANCE AND DEPOSIT PRESENTED BY THE BUYER TO STOP TIME WASTERS, TYRE KICKERS OR TEST PILOTS. ANY ENQUIRIES ENCOURAGED, 07702814323****
  3. thanks for the advice guys. really appreciate it. hopefully she will have a change of heart so i wont have to go through it.
  4. Hi Guys, need so advice please. i might be going through a divorce very soon. Mrs wants the divorce and not me. if she doesnt want to stay then i cant force her (i probably could but it would be illegal and frowned upon). I might need to sell my beloved blobeye sti to help pay for whatever crops up and hopefully go towards buying her share of the house. what can i expect to get for it realistically. im not going to sell it cheap. i dont need to sell it but would be easire if i did. the car is a 2003 type uk blobeye PPP (with cert), 107k, black, full service history, cambelt and water pump replaced last year by subaru city in wolves, had a rear diff oil leak so subaru city replaced all seals. car is stock apart from defi boost gauge, perrin wing stiffies, perrin bracket with red hella horns, perrin radiator shroud, gfb adjustable blow off valve. apart from that the car is stock and with original prodrive map. on last dyno run it came in at 298bhp. bodywork is 9/10 wheels are stock and in very good condition. what can i sell the car for? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Im looking to seal under the car and wanted to know what people are using and what they are actually covering. cheers
  6. hi guys, im intending to do a full flush on my brakes and clutch system in the next few days. ill be using the gunson eezi bleed kit and ive bled brakes before so im pretty confident on that. what I am concerned about is bleeding the slave cylinder for the clutch. ive read a few methods and now im confused. can anyone shed some light please. its for a stock blobeye sti.
  7. Hi guys. Currently running a stock blobeye sti PPP and looking to replace brakes all round. Don’t do track days so wondered what discs and pads to buy to replace them with. What at are your suggestions? thanks
  8. Hi guys on start up I’m getting the dreaded squeeling sound before it dies away after a few minutes. I have taken up the tension but after a few months starting again. I’m guessing because it’s slipping, it’s not charging the battery sufficiently and hence getting starting issue. I want to replace the belt but don’t know which one to get. Euro car parts have a 50% sale but it’s coming up with several variants. Can anyone here point me in the right direction please.
  9. Hi guys, Need some help and advice please. I owned a mk4 golf gttdi and put it for sale on various sites. Bought my wife another car and due to work commitments the car was sat on driveway for about 2-3 months. Had some free time so decided to sell it. Asking price was £1000. Somebody came to see it and liked it. The only defect with the car I was aware of was an intermittent brake light switch which told the buyer about. The car was sorn'd but had mot til May of this year. The buyer wanted to test drive the car but when asked if he had insurance to drive another car he said no. I did say he won’t be able to take the car on a test drive due to lack of insurance but his brother who was on his way and was insured will be able to drive the car. I also informed them both that the car had no tax and with a police station literally 100m up the road it was their risk if they wanted to take it out. No test drive was taken. The buyer haggled me down to 875 and we shook on it. Made him out a receipt with our details, car details, price and the following statement. "The undersigned purchaser acknowledges receipt of the above vehicle in exchange for the cash sum of £.........., this being the price agreed by the purchaser with the vendor for the above named vehicle, receipt of which the vendor hereby acknowledges. It is understood the vehicle is sold as seen, tried and approved by the purchaser." We both signed it and off he went. He came back an hour later saying he didn’t want the car, giving excuse that clutch was shot (it wasn’t, bite was still really low down on pedal) and the camshaft was gone (it hadn’t). He threatened me with court action if I didn’t give him a refund. Low and behold a letter from the county court has come through yesterday. What shall I do now?? I was a private seller and not in trade.
  10. hi guys, a quick update. took my car to TDR in Coventry for a dyno run with a health check. he found that the waste gate spring was a little weak (due to the age). a quick tweek and voila. 288bhp!!
  11. hi guys my blob sti PPP went for a rolling road day at area 52 in nottingham. the results weren't good. car came in at 269bhp. i was expecting alot more than that!!! what could be the issue. the car is stock apart from a cosworth panel filter and a gfb BOV. dont know where to start looking. please help
  12. Hi guys cars getting an mot. So I went in the pit to have a look and I could see evidence of an oil leak from passenger side axle on rear diff. Question is is it easy for me to do diy?
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