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  1. Covid is not new, there are many strains of covid. Thats why they call this one covid-19. Now it makes you wonder if they are reporting other strains as 19 to get the numbers up. Scare tactic to lock down. So maybe even a cold could be reported as positive. Saying that, 3 of my cousins have it, one lives with mum and dad. The dad has vascular dementia and cancer, so we are waiting to see if he caught it. If he does then it's going to be a tough road for him. :( Also have a friend who has all the symptoms and feels like death warmed up.
  2. love the sense of humour here 😂 We have kicked them all out and promise it wont happen again. We have restricted the messaging system for the moment.
  3. thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have made some changes to the messenger system which will now limit messages per hour to 3. They will give up on this. I will look further into this when i am back on a computer to see if i can prevent this ever happening again. Really sorry and hope no one has clicked the links.
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