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COVID-19 Update

This announcement is no longer active

Subaru Owners Club

We are living in extraordinary times, but we must keep talking!
By talking this is one way to offer support to each other and continue the community spirit that has built the owners club over the years.

Our community relies on your support and conversation with each other.
We would like to ask all members to visit the club regularly and help others or simply engage in meaningful conversation during these difficult times, even if it's not Subaru related.

We have many topical and off-topic subjects running in the Forums and plenty of threads to get involved with by adding your own posts or replying to existing ones.

Don’t forget also, we have a collection of fun items we have put in place to keep you and your family entertained during the lockdown period, and which we will be adding new content on a regular basis.         Remember – It’s good to talk!

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