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  1. — New Addition to Subaru SUV Lineup in BEV Form — Tokyo, November 11, 2021, Subaru Corporation today unveiled the new battery electric vehicle (BEV) SOLTERRA. In developing SOLTERRA, the brand’s first BEV to be launched globally, Subaru aimed to exceed the various customer expectations for BEVs and make it a practical vehicle so that customers can choose it comfortably and confidently, as the vehicle will be the cornerstone of Subaru’s future BEVs. At the same time, as a Subaru SUV, Subaru aimed to make it a vehicle that existing Subaru customers can feel that it truly is a Subaru. By filling it with new values that a BEV can offer and the value of “enjoyment and peace of mind” that Subaru have cultivated over many years, SOLTERRA has been built as an authentic SUV in an environmentally friendly package that can be used with peace of mind like the existing Subaru SUV models. Exterior and Interior The seamlessly shaped hexagon grille expresses the energy efficiency of a BEV. The body with the horizontal axis starting from that hexagon and the dynamic fenders bulging out from the inside show the strength as an SUV. Low instrumental panel and top mounted meters, a first for Subaru, located on the instrumental panel and visible above the steering wheel realized the spacious interior. e-SUBARU Global Platform Utilizing the know-how cultivated with the highly recognized Subaru Global Platform, we have jointly developed the e-Subaru Global Platform together with Toyota Motor Corporation as a BEV-dedicated platform. The e-Subaru Global Platform enables a driving experience with superior driving dynamics, that brings high stability and handling linearly responds to driver’s steering operation. High capacity battery packs are placed under the floor as it is a BEV, and by utilizing that battery as a part of the structure, a low center of gravity and high body strength and rigidity are realized. Driving Performance/AWD System SOLTERRA has adopted a new system that drives the front and rear wheels with separate motors. Taking advantage of the expertise in AWD technology precisely controlling the four tires that SUBARU has accumulated over many years, the agile response of the electric motors and the flexible driving force distribution between front and rear, SOLTERRA fully utilizes the grips of the four wheels and offers a driving with confidence and peace of mind. Like the other SUBARU SUV models, SOLTERRA features the X-MODE AWD control system that enhances the sense of security on rough roads. By adding the new Grip Control function, which enables the vehicle to run at a constant speed while stabilizing the vehicle even on rough roads, the capability is further enhanced. Safety By devising the skeleton shape of each part of the body and optimizing the material strength, SOLTERRA achieves both weight reduction and superior collision safety at the same time. In the event of a collision, the structure that transfers the load to multiple body skeletons efficiently absorbs the collision energy. It protects not only the vehicle occupants, but also protects the high-voltage equipment in the BEV. For more details, please visit the SOLTERRA special webpage. https://www.subaru-global.com/solterra/ SOLTERRA is the vehicle which takes an important role for SUBARU, the company aiming at “delivering happiness to all,” to face the challenges of global warming and climate change and continue to deliver smiles in the future. The vehicle has been jointly-developed by Toyota and SUBARU, which entered into a new business and capital alliance in September 2019. They brought together technologies and knowledges that are expertise of each under the slogan "Let's make ever-better cars together" and the engineers of both companies developed it together while engaging in a friendly rivalry. The launch of the SOLTERRA will start by the middle of 2022 in the markets including Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe and China.
  2. What is E10 fuel and why is it being introduced? The reason E10 fuel has been introduced as the standard grade fuel at forecourts across the country is to try and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This fuel is made up on 90% regular unleaded petrol and 10% ethanol. Current petrol grades in the UK (E5) contain up to 5% ethanol, with the rest being regular unleaded petrol. The Government claims that the introduction of E10 petrol at UK forecourts could cut transport CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year – the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road. Can E10 Petrol be used in my car? All cars registered since 2011 are required to be E10 compatible and for any that are older than this, the Government have produced a simple online checker. However, the RAC estimate there to be up to 600,000 vehicles currently on the UK roads not to be compatible. E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Subaru models with petrol engines manufactured from 1st January 1991. Older models should continue to use E5. What is E10 Petrol? Throughout September 2021, forecourts have been replacing the current 'E5' petrol with 'E10' fuel, which contains more renewable ethanol. This change only applies to standard (95 octane) petrol, and doesn't affect diesels. The change comes as part of the government's plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel-powered cars by 2030, with E10 petrol predicted to reduce transport carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year; the equivalent of removing 350,000 cars from the roads. It's worth noting that the transition to E10 petrol could see an increase in fuel consumption, although experts believe this would only be an increase of around one percent, which should be barely noticeable in day-to-day driving. What is Ethanol? Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel that is derived from a range of plants, including corn and sugarcane, through a process called fermentation. The problem with regular unleaded petrol is that it's not carbon neutral, meaning the whole process from refining the fuel to it being burned by an internal combustion engine (ICE) results in more CO2 being emitted than absorbed. However, ethanol is said to be partially carbon-neutral. As the plants that will become biofuel grow, they absorb more carbon dioxide than what will be produced through the fuel refinement and combustion process. It's believed that the greenhouse gases absorbed during the production of ethanol partially offsets the resulting CO2 produced by petrol-powered cars. How does it affect classic cars? It's highly unlikely that any classic car will be able to run on E10 petrol without damage occurring to components such as the fuel pump or fuel hoses. Components such as seals and plastics could get damaged by prolonged use because of ethanol's corrosive properties Ethanol is also hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air, which can pose a problem in older cars that don't utilise a closed-loop fuel system. In other words, classic cars that are left standing for long periods will be susceptible to potential corrosion within the fuel system, and could run poorly if they aren't used regularly. We'd recommend making the switch to super-unleaded petrol when E10 is introduced to prevent any issues. Although the ethanol present in super-unleaded (E5) fuel can still cause issues in the long-term, the lower amount of ethanol should reduce the likelihood of issues arising in the future, as well as offset the increased price of fuel. When was E10 petrol introduced in the UK? E10 petrol was introduced to forecourts across the UK from September 2021. With CO2 emissions set to be reduced because of this change, it should help the UK meet its climate change targets without it affecting the majority of motorists. However, there's no need to worry if your vehicle is incompatible with E10 fuel, because super unleaded petrol will still be available as E5. While your fuel bill will technically go up, it will work out cheaper than dealing with the issues that can be caused by E10 fuel inside incompatible cars. Official Government link to check if your vehicle can run on E10: https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-e10-petrol Original Article Source: https://www.evanshalshaw.com/blog/what-is-e10-petrol/
  3. So what's behind the crisis? The key issue is there aren't enough drivers to supply petrol. There's an estimated shortage of more than 100,000 HGV drivers and petrol is only the latest industry to be hit. The lack of drivers has caused problems for a range of industries - from supermarkets to fast food chains. Fuel tanker drivers need additional safety qualifications on top of their HGV licence to be able to transport chemicals such as petrol. How did the petrol shortage start? Late last week, oil firm BP warned that it would have to "temporarily" close a handful of its petrol stations, because of a lack of lorry drivers. Long queues started to build up outside stations across Great Britain over the weekend, amid fears that petrol might run out. Urban areas have been hardest hit, while Northern Ireland has been unaffected. The panic buying was said to be caused by media reports of a leaked government briefing discussing the shortage of HGV drivers. Some analysts and politicians linked the driver shortage to Brexit, although transport secretary Grant Shapps denied this, whilst others blamed the COVID-19 pandemic. What caused the driver shortage? There are a number of reasons - and many countries across Europe have been affected - but the UK has been especially badly hit. After Brexit, many European drivers returned to their home countries, or moved elsewhere, because working in the UK involved additional border bureaucracy which had an impact on their income. The pandemic saw even more drivers return to their home countries, with few coming back. Meanwhile, some older drivers have retired and there is a huge backlog in HGV driver tests due to Covid. Has the petrol shortage improved? The PRA - which represents nearly 5,500 of the UK's 8,000 filling stations - says that "trying to calm this down appears to be a monumental task at the moment". It says that more than a quarter (27%) of its members' petrol stations were out of fuel on Thursday, compared with two-thirds on Sunday. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said there were signs that the petrol crisis was "stabilising" and urged people to buy petrol as they normally would. There has been no improvement in petrol supplies at independent petrol stations since Wednesday, according to industry body the Petrol Retailers Association "There's been no easing off of the pressure from drivers wanting to refuel whenever they can, wherever they can, " said PRA chairman Brian Madderson. The government had said it thought the situation was starting to get better. What is the government currently doing? The Ministry of Defence is preparing about 150 qualified military drivers to deliver fuel - and has another 150 personnel ready to support them. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) says it will also draw on some of the reserve fleet of 80 tankers which the government keeps for emergencies. Other measures include: A suspension of competition law between oil firms, which the government said would make it easier for companies to share information about fuel supply, and prioritise areas most in need An offer of temporary visas to 5,000 foreign fuel tanker and food lorry drivers (as well as 5,500 poultry workers) in the run-up to Christmas - although some business organisations, such as the British Chambers of Commerce have criticised this as "insufficient" The process for getting an HGV driver licence will be sped up, and nearly one million letters have been sent to existing HGV drivers to encourage them back into the industry, plus there are plans to train 4,000 others Can key workers get fuel? The doctors' body the BMA, the teachers' union NASUWT and some politicians including London Mayor Sadiq Khan want key workers to be given priority access to petrol stations to avoid disruption to essential services. However, the government hasn't announced plans to prioritise key workers as it did with nursery and school places during the pandemic. Is there a limit on how much petrol I can buy? The government has powers to limit how much fuel drivers can buy, and the hours when they can buy it, but there's no indication it plans to use them. Some petrol stations have introduced a £30 cap on the amount of petrol people can buy. However, the PRA said it didn't want garage staff to be put at risk "confronting" customers. Is petrol in danger of running out? No - oil companies have stressed there is plenty of fuel available. They say that the shortage is being caused by "temporary spikes in customer demand" - or as PRA chairman Brian Madderson put it, "panic buying, pure and simple". The government has claimed media coverage has inflamed the situation. What's happening to fuel prices? Petrol prices are at an eight-year high. The average petrol price at UK forecourts was 135.19p a litre on Monday, up from 134.86p a week earlier. The price of a litre of diesel rose from 137.35p to 137.95p over the same period. The RAC has said it's aware of a small number of retailers "hiking prices" in the current crisis.
  4. Save 20% on all Bike Racks at Halfords! For a limited time only - this voucher entitles you to 20% off all Bike Rack purchases in-store at Halfords 20% off Bike racks offer voucher.pdf You can also save 15% on purchases at Halfords all year round with a Premium Membership Halfords Discount Card* *10% discount on Bikes & Accessories. Sign up here to Premium Membership and start saving money now! Voucher Terms & Conditions: It cannot be redeemed online. Voucher can be retained and used multiple times. Expires 8th October 2021. Certain exclusions apply including all other Motoring & Cycling items, All tech items, Dashcams, Sat Navs, Stereo & Audio, Cycling Tech, Electric bikes & Scooters. It cannot be used in conjunction with Cycle2Work or any other voucher, promotion, Halfords Gift Card, colleague discount or exchanged for cash. This voucher will only be valid when supported by proof of entitlement (a valid Membership Card or Member App). Photocopies will not be accepted. Offer is valid until further notice. Halfords reserve the right to withdraw or change the offer at any time without notice Discount Card Terms & Conditions: Certain exclusions apply including All tech items, Dashcams, Sat Navs, Stereo & Audio, Cycling Tech, Electric bikes & Scooters. It cannot be used in conjunction with Cycle2Work or any other voucher, promotion, Halfords Gift Card, colleague discount or exchanged for cash.
  5. Subaru’s staggering sales success saw a huge 125% increase in July in a market that shrank by close to 30% July is not just a blip for Subaru with the brand’s year-to-date accelerating by 158.47% so far in 2021. The official figures issued by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) highlight Subaru as the second fastest growing brand in Britain to the delight of Subaru dealers and managers. Subaru is far ahead of not just its immediate competitors but of all major car brands sold in the UK. Pat Ryan, Subaru UK’s Managing Director, said: “Motorists are looking for quality and value for money and are finding that in the models offered by Subaru as more and more people are discovering this great brand. “Our dealers have worked really hard to continue the turnaround in Subaru’s results and we are continuing to attract lots of interest from potential new dealers wanting to join in our success. “It’s brilliant to see Subaru beginning to establish itself as a leading brand across the country where motorists have a greater choice than ever in deciding on their next car purchase.” Subaru’s all-new Outback – a unique all-wheel-drive estate car/ SUV crossover – went on sale in May with more exciting new models on the horizon. During 2021 Subaru plans to open 15 new dealerships in the UK and nine have already opened. The newly opened dealerships are: Livery Dole in Exeter, Tees Valley in Darlington, Ullswater Road Garage in Penrith and Ashby & Mann in Hinckley, Leicestershire, Rowcliffes in Somerset, Tweedmouth in Northumberland, C&M McDonald in Aberdeenshire and Fields of Bromsgrove and Fields of Dunely in the West Midlands. On 18th August a new Subaru dealership, Celtic Subaru, will join the Subaru dealer network in Swansea. Four more dealerships will open in September with a further two planned for October.
  6. The first global electric vehicle for the brand aiming at coexistence with nature. SUBARU Corporation today announced that Subaru's all-new global battery electric SUV will be named "SOLTERRA" and it is scheduled to go on sale in 2022 “SOLTERRA” is Subaru’s all-new, all-electric C-segment-class SUV and it will be the first Subaru vehicle to be built on the battery electric vehicle (BEV) dedicated e-Subaru Global Platform. The e-Subaru Global platform, which has been jointly-developed by Subaru and Toyota, enables to roll out various types of EVs efficiently by combining multiple modules and components, such as the front, center and rear of a vehicle. While the two companies have brought together their knowledge to create a completely new platform, Subaru have aimed to realize superior passive safety and vehicle stability, which Subaru has always been pursuing, also in this BEV dedicated platform. Not only the platform, the SUV “SOLTERRA” has also been jointly-developed by Subaru and Toyota, and wide range of collaboration includes product planning, design and performance evaluation. In this development, the two companies combine their respective strengths, such as Subaru’s long-accumulated all-wheel-drive technology and Toyota’s outstanding vehicle electrification technology, to create a new SUV with attributes that only an all- electric vehicle can offer. The name “SOLTERRA” was created by joining the word “SOL” and “TERRA”, the Latin words for the “Sun” and the “Earth” respectively. Subaru gave this name to the EV to appreciate mother nature and further advance the form of coexistence with it, together with our customers, and to represent our commitment to deliver traditional Subaru SUV’s go-anywhere capabilities in an all-electric vehicle. “SOLTERRA” will be joining the line of SUBARU SUVs, ASCENT, OUTBACK, FORESTER and SUBARU XV and go on sale by the middle of 2022 in the markets including Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe and China.
  7. Subaru UK is proud to announce the introduction of the long awaited all-new Outback, due to arrive in showrooms from 27th May with prices starting from £33,995 Since its launch in 1995, Outback has built a history as the forerunner of a new car segment, the station wagon crossover SUV, combining the attributes of both passenger car and SUV. Outback has grown into Subaru’s flagship model, and its popularity increased over the years, cherished by people around the world, for providing the values of an everyday companion: safety, comfort, practicality, capability and drivability. The 6th generation is our most technologically advanced, luxurious, and safest yet. Limited, Field and Touring Outback model variants, all built on the SGP, confer superior passenger protection alongside the latest driver assistance and collision avoidance technology. Key features of all-new Subaru Outback Overall safety top in its class The safest Outback ever built, the new model offers all-around safety protection, from an optimal driving position, window heights, and carefully arranged pillars to provide excellent visibility in all directions to an array of world-class, advanced safety technologies. New Outback boasts generous equipment fitted as standard across all three trim levels, including the next generation EyeSight Driver Assist technology, Subaru’s cutting-edge stereo camera prevention collision system, with nearly twice the field of vision, and includes: Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering Function, Emergency Lane Keep Assist, Speed Sign Recognition with Intelligent Speed Limiter, Lane Departure Warning with steering wheel vibration, Lane Departure Prevention and Pre-Collision Braking System with expanded support for collision avoidance at junctions and crossroads. A brand-new technology for Outback is the Driver Monitoring System to complement its existing safety technologies, which will alert the driver when distracted or feeling fatigued. Reverse Automatic braking is also a new safety feature fitted as standard for all-new Outback that helps drivers to avoid collisions when reversing and mitigates the damage in case of collision. Its rich safety equipment also includes Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection (SRVD), and Multi View Monitors (Front, Rear and Side) available on Touring, for a safer drive that reduces vehicle blind spots. The SGP ensures class-leading passenger safety thanks to an increase in the amount of high-tensile steel panel materials for a lighter body and improved protection in frontal, side and rear end collisions by over 40% allowing the frame structure to absorb energy more efficiently. The body has been substantially strengthened with a new structural frame (full inner frame structure) and additional beams and sub frames, further enhancing the world's top level collision safety performance, including the Mobile Progressive Deformable Barrier (MPDB) crash test. Giving confidence in every aspect of the driving experience, the Subaru Global Platform furthers Subaru's commitment to building the safest cars on the road. Driving enjoyment with superior performance The new model preserves the distinctive combination of permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD) with the BOXER engine and Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) transmission. It incorporates a direct-injection 2.5-litre naturally aspirated horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, with about 90% engine parts redesigned and a higher compression ratio. The Lineartronic CVT has been enhanced with the gear ratio coverage expanded to a wider range. The hydraulic system has also been redesigned and the oil viscosity lowered, which reduces horsepower loss by 22% compared to the previous Outback model. This combination offers enhanced driving performance and increased torque control, while the standard SAWD, provides all-weather capability, paired with a standard active torque vectoring for improved handling and cornering performance. Handling performance and ride comfort have been increased with significant improvements made to the suspension and chassis, removing vibrations from the steering system, floor, and seats. The newly refined SAWD and SGP have improved the absorption performance on uneven road surfaces for you to enjoy new levels of control, stability, and ride comfort in a quiet, hushed cabin. By increasing rigidity of the body, front suspension and rear subframe, all-new Outback has enhanced straight-line stability and minimised body roll by 50%. More responsive handling allows the driver to better steer the car as intended and improves hazard avoidance. Versatile space with smarter storage Designed for active lifestyles, all-new Outback is more spacious than the previous model. The windshield has been moved forward and the front door windows moved out for a more spacious front interior, resulting in a class–leading spacious cabin. The total length has also been extended to further expand the rear interior and cargo space, to create an interior where every passenger can ride comfortably. 60/40 fold down rear seats and a wider boot opening create a cavernous flat load area for up to 522L of cargo, whilst integrated roof rails provide further secure storage overhead making it easy to just load up all the family’s gear and go. All-new Outback comes with a variety of convenient features suited for any lifestyle. It incorporates Subaru’s first hands-free power tailgate and single-touch pop-up tonneau cover which allows easy access to the boot when you have your hands full by simply waving an elbow near the badge to automatically raise the tailgate. The boot space also includes improved hooks and net pocket so objects can be easily secured when driving. For more versatility and safety, new Outback offers secure integrated, fold our roof rails on Limited and Touring, or strengthened built-in roof rails on Field enhanced tie-down holes so straps or ropes can be easily tied directly to the roof rails. The side sill steps at the front and rear doors have been widened for better footing and changed to a non-slip pattern, so luggage can be loaded while maintaining a stable posture. Cutting edge technology with a more intuitive user interface With a completely re-imagined cabin interior, all-new Outback ensures you and your family travel in first class whilst staying connected out on the road. Equipped as standard with a completely redesigned next-generation infotainment system, you can easily touch, swipe, or drag to navigate the large, intuitive 11.6-inch full HD vertical display or simply use your voice. Bring up maps, find contacts, send messages, select driving modes, and access compatible apps, news, music, podcasts and much more. Besides its safety features, the Driver Monitoring System also delivers convenience with the facial recognition camera identifying up to 5 individuals in the driver seat and automatically adjusting settings for seat position, door mirror angles and air-conditioning preferences. Enhanced off-road capability The improved engine performance offers more power for acceleration as well as driving on rough terrain, so drivers can enjoy SUV performance in all driving scenarios. The toughest Subaru SUV built to date, new Outback comes with a newly evolved X-MODE with Hill Descent Control for reliable control on steep, wet, or slippery terrain. Switch between [SNOW/DIRT] mode to confidently negotiate snow, dirt, or gravel, or [D.SNOW/MUD] mode for soft conditions where lesser vehicles get stuck. At the press of a button, SUBARU Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) lets you adjust the throttle and gear-shifting response to give you immediate power and agility on demand. Select Sport Mode for instant throttle response, ideal for enjoying winding roads, or Intelligent Mode for more fuel-efficient power delivery around town or on long journeys. Engineered to drive on or off-road, all-new Outback also offers excellent road clearance for a wider range of activities. The high 213mm ground clearance maximises approach, departure and ramp angles, minimising the risk of the bumpers or chassis getting damaged or stuck. It also boasts a 2,000kg braked or 750kg unbraked towing capacity to enable high performance towing and control. A rear-view camera jet washer has been added so that the camera lens is always clear of dirt, mud, and grime to assist with parking and off-road adventures. Redesigned from ground-up The exterior design of Outback is more tough and rugged than ever. Dynamic silhouettes and prominent wheel arches surround the new premium 18” alloy-wheels which are available on all trim levels. Outback is very well specified with Keyless Entry and Push Button Start System, LED headlights, equipped with high beam assist and an adaptive driving beam to optimise visibility and reduce glare, and LED front fog lights standard across the range. The new model features a redesigned interior with carefully selected materials for a more premium feel throughout the entire cabin. Enlarged windshield and long line motif extended from the centre of the instrument panel to the door panels expresses a relaxed and open atmosphere of the cabin space. New Outback offers a variety of seats options, from Nappa leather seats for a more luxurious feel in the Outback Touring, to more practical and durable water-repellent synthetic leather seats in the Outback Field with distinctive green stitching complementing green accents on the bodywork and trim, ideal for those with ore active lifestyles. Fatigue-reducing seats offer comfortable support and stability for long journeys, so you feel more refreshed when you reach your destination. Both front and rear seats enjoy heating to shoulder level with three temperature settings and a heated steering wheel takes the chill out of winter journeys. All-new Outback is offered in three trim levels: Limited, Field and Touring and its unique character is also expressed through the two newly and specially designed exterior colours, Autumn Green Metallic and Brilliant Bronze Metallic (not available on Field model). OTR Prices Limited: £33,995 Field: £37,995 Touring: £39,495
  8. Hi Pete Sorry, you're right....here is the link to the new section https://uk.subaruownersclub.com/forums/forum/85-subaru-levorg-club/
  9. Subaru’s revised popular compact crossover features some extra engineering technology, a few exterior design tweaks and even more driver assist safety systems Subaru is pleased to launch the facelifted version of the XV crossover in the UK. It is available to order in all official dealerships from 1st March, with prices starting from £31,665 – the same price as the current model. Buyers can choose from two trim levels – SE or SE Premium. Standard equipment on both trims include Permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Subaru’s bespoke EyeSight driver assistance safety technology, automatic LED headlights equipped with high beam assist, 18” alloy wheels, heated front seats, an intuitive 8” multifunction colour touchscreen with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ plus Keyless Entry & Push Button Start System . Customers can upgrade to the SE Premium for £33,665 which includes all the aforementioned equipment, along with leather seats, 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat, satellite navigation and sunroof. New Engineering and Safety Technology As standard on both trim levels, customers will also now get the added benefit of extra engineering and advanced driver assist technology for improved comfort, drivability and safety. The Subaru XV is always up for a challenge – so it’s engineered to give you confidence at the wheel. Subaru have now introduced enhanced X-MODE and SI-Drive functions for the facelifted XV e-BOXER to give drivers reliable control at the push of a button. X-MODE now features a dual function button to select [SNOW/DIRT] mode for slippery surfaces covered with snow, dirt, or gravel, or [D.SNOW/MUD] mode for especially treacherous road conditions where vehicles can become easily stuck, such as deep snow or dirt. Exclusive to e-BOXER models is the improved SUBARU Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) which allows the driver to select engine and transmission characteristics according to their driving style. Select Sport Mode for immediate throttle response or Intelligent Mode for more fuel-efficient power delivery. Subaru have also improved the comfort and handling even further by developing new Coil Springs and Dampers which reduces the amount of body movement for a much smoother ride. Facelifted 2021 Subaru XV: design The updated Subaru XV has also undergone a new look which still blends hatchback style with crossover practicality. Look closely and you’ll find a redesigned front bumper and front grill plus a subtly reshaped front fog lamp bezel which surrounds the LED fog lights. The redesign focuses on giving the XV a more sporty and rugged look including newly designed 18-inch alloy wheels. There is also the option of two new vibrant and unique colours to choose from: Plasma Yellow and Horizon Blue. Enhanced Safety Features Subaru’s engineers have equipped the XV facelift with a host of innovative safety technologies which come as standard. These include a new Front View Monitor which monitors a 180° area in front of the vehicle that would normally be in the driver’s blind spot. Subaru is also delighted to announce that XV has been awarded 4x4 Magazine’s ‘Crossover Estate of the Year 2021’ for the second time. To win this award again in its category further strengthens Subaru’s on-going dedication to build cars that are incredibly safe, extremely capable and unfalteringly reliable, too. XV brings together Subaru’s legendary off-road capability with superior on-road comfort, athletic style and state-of-the-art technology. With permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive you can expect superior road-holding and handling, on and off road, and in any conditions. Perfect for outdoor sports and hobbies, weekends away, or even just the school run you know that with the maximum 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating you will be offered the very best protection for you and your family wherever you go. To find out more about the Subaru XV, official dealer locations and full details of the complete Subaru range please visit www.subaru.co.uk
  10. With the combination of further lockdowns and the colder winter months creeping in, the chances are that your car might be feeling a bit under the weather right now Rather than get caught out, here are some straightforward checks and simple DIY fixes brought to you by Halfords that you can do to make sure that your vehicle starts when you need it to (and is mechanically safe and sound when it does). Check your battery Car batteries can fail for several reasons, but two of the most common are lack of use and cold weather. Your car’s probably spent most of the last month on your drive, only leaving for the odd essential trip, and that’s not enough to keep your battery alive. (It can actually take at least 30 minutes of driving to charge a battery, depending on the vehicle and battery age.) Add in the fact that cold weather can make battery charging slower and it’s a good idea to put checking your battery at the top of your list. If your car refuses to start, then you’ve got a couple of options. You could try a car battery charger, which plugs into the mains and should kick-start your battery if there’s any residual charge within it. If your battery has completely run out of charge then you’ll need either a jump starter pack or a set of jump leads and a donor car (preferably from your own household). Before trying either, make sure to have a look at our how to jump start a car guide for some essential safety advice. If none of these options work or you’d prefer to get some expert advice, then one of our technicians can come directly to your home to fix your battery quickly and safely thanks to our contactless mobile garage service. Simply book an appointment online, choose a time slot, and enjoy a safe and convenient service. To find out more, have a look at our article on how our mobile technicians are bringing safe services to you. Our mobile technicians can also dispose of and recycle your old battery (you can’t put batteries into your normal household or recycling bin due to the chemicals inside them). Alternatively, you can drop your old battery into any of our stores and we’ll send it for recycling on your behalf. For more information about this, see our guide to battery disposal and recycling. Even if your car battery is working well, it’s worth giving it a once-over. Check that all connectors are in place securely and are in good condition, and look for any fluid leakages. These are danger signs that could suggest your battery or terminals may need replacing before they let you down. Check your tyres All of your tyres should be in a good condition and undamaged, so start by checking these for any cuts, splits or nicks. Get up close and personal to look for any glass, nails or screws that may have become embedded within your tyres and could cause a puncture in the future. And don’t forget to check your spare tyre as well – the last thing you want is for your spare to be out of commission when you really need it. Next, check the depth of tread on each tyre. Legally your tyres should have 1.6mm of continuous tread, but this can be tricky to check with eyes alone. The simplest solution is the 20p check, where you place the coin in the main tread channel at various points around your tyre. If you can see the outer band of the coin face at any point then your tyre tread is too narrow. However, this only gives you a rough guide to your tread depth and so we’d recommend using a tyre depth gauge instead or taking advantage of our Free Tyre Check at any Halfords autocentre if you want a second opinion. Underinflated and overinflated tyres can affect handling, so you should check they’re pumped up properly. If your tyre pressure is worryingly low, you’ll see the tell-tale bulge in your tyre. To be a little more scientific, a tyre pressure gauge will give you an accurate pressure reading. Inflating your tyres is a job we can all do. If you’re unsure about the correct tyre pressures for your vehicle, then you can find them in the vehicle handbook. If you have a flat tyre, then you could try an inflation kit (just make sure that it’s still in date before you start using it). Our mobile garage service can also help with flat tyres. Check your windscreen Your windscreen is your window to the world, so it’s really important to regularly check the condition of your front and rear windscreen wipers. If they’re failing, you’ll notice smears on your windscreen often accompanied by a painful squeaking noise. If your wipers are on the way out, replace them sooner rather than later. Fitting wiper blades is a simple job that you can do with a handful of standard tools or that our expert colleagues can do for you. It’s also important to regularly check your windscreen for any chips. While they may appear minor, small chips can quickly turn into big cracks, making driving anywhere dangerous. Windscreen chip repairs is something that our mobile garage service will be happy to help with. Check your fluids The oil and coolant in your vehicle play a crucial job in keeping your car running smoothly. Checking and topping up your engine oil is quick and straightforward. Your coolant fluid is stored in a clear overflow plastic container located near the radiator and there’s an indicator on it that will show you if there’s enough in there. If you’d like a helping hand, then our mobile garage service or colleagues at our stores and autocentres can top up your oil for a small fee. They can also support with topping up power steering fluid and brake fluid, which are specialist jobs that we’d recommend leaving to the professionals. One final check that you can easily do yourself is the windscreen washer fluid reserve. It’s located close to the top of the engine bay and is clearly marked in most cars with a windscreen wiper icon. If it’s running low, top it up as soon as you can – particularly because it’s actually illegal to have an empty windscreen washer reservoir! Check your bulbs All of the lights in your car should work and operate correctly. It’s easy to check them; simply switch on all of your lights and walk around your vehicle a couple of times. Any that aren’t working as they will need replacement bulbs. Our Car Bulb Buyer’s Guide includes all the information you need to help you select the best bulbs for your needs. We can also fit the bulbs for you at our stores or autocentres for a small fee. The last several months have been challenging, but if you’ve followed our advice and completed all the checks then you can be confident in the knowledge that your car will be ready and waiting when you need it. For even greater peace of mind, why not take advantage of our 10-Point Winter Car Health Check? Our expert colleagues will check your battery, tyres, oil levels, windscreen, wiper blades, headlights and more. The whole process only takes about 30 minutes and our safety procedures in-store and at our autocentres mean that you and our colleagues will remain safe at all times
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