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A better way to insure your Subaru

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Temporary car insurance

Cover for days, hours or weeks.

Only pay for what you need. Get short-term, fully comprehensive car insurance, with easy extensions if you need more time. And with cover starting instantly, there’s no need to commit in advance. It’s the ultimate flexibilty. Get started with a GB driving license if you’re 19 and above.

Get Temporary Car Insurance

Pay monthly subscription

For real-life flexibility - rolling monthly car insurance

An alternative to traditional annual insurance - month to month rolling cover, without a deposit, no interest and no cancellation fees. Plus good drivers pay less with our Smart Pricing feature which helps you unlock savings of up to a third - powered by the technology in your smartphone.

Get Flexible Car Insurance

Hi! We're Cuvva and have teamed up with Subaru Owners Club to bring you super flexible insurance for your pride and joy.
We’ve rebuilt car insurance from the ground up and put our heart and soul into customer support, ease of use and transparency.

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