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Forester Satnav/reversing camera/ audio centre etc.


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I left the interior lights on for a week or so and the Battery was dead by the time I realised.  When I turned on the Satnav screen told me to insert a Map DVD.  As there is one already in this is impossible and the only thing that it would do is tilt and shut again.  The screen remains inert with the message continuing.   I can hear the map DVD running and the CD player is working although I can't change the disc.  The radio works but I can't tune it and have no idea which band it is on.


Has anyone any idea as to what is happening and how to solve the problem?


This is my third Subaru and I have covered about 200,000 miles in them.  The first a G reg Legacy 2.2lt manual, number 2 a 2.5lt automatic and the present one a 2.0D.  My excuse is that I tow a lot and need the AWD on grass/mud fields.  I love them.

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