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Gen iV Outback Handsfree, Mp3, Aux in & Ipod

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OK i wanted to add handsfree &  Mp3 to my Outback,


Current head unit is bereft of an aux in socket or Bluetooth


Looking at the aftermarket options ther was


Grom  - a 3rd party interface


Parrot  -


i.O Play -


Grom was discounted due to the amount of work and cost


Parrot was discounted as ive allready had one, and was not impressed


So i went for the iO play -



it come is 2 versions, one for media streaming and one for calls (although each unit can do both)


I went with the media streaming version, as it comes with its own 200W amp built in



Fitting was straightforward, once i'd got the centre console and other behind dashboard crap out of the  way lol


2x speakers  (one for a previous handsfree, and one for the nav unit thingy)


and there respective control boxes and wiring lol .


Fitting the iOplay unit was straightforward, as it fitted perfectly behing the centre cubby unit


one bridge lead to run from the stock HU to the IO unit   (£17 if i recall)


Mounting the ipod lead was easy, just a small hole to feed the connector through, and a 4mm hole for the aux port


The controller sits just below the gear selector, 


Question ?

Where to put the display ....  big issue this, where to put it so you can see it, Guarantee a bit of stealth... and not block any of the dash display ??



On the dashboard..   highly visible, but not easy to see when not in use..



Cubby  -












sits nicely in the line of sight, but dosent block any of the display




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