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Tyre Fitters in Lincolnshire


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Hi mate sorry on my phone where abouts are you in Lincolnshire. ?


Hi, I'm in Wragby. We spoke at the pub meet at Rothwell in September. I've got the Hawkeye Spec D.


Those Potenza RE070s are getting really twitchy around the back roads of Lincs especially in the wet and with not a lot of tread on them (though still legal). 


Not sure whether to buy a couple more or have a change.  :)

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Oh hi mate yes I remember you [emoji106]

Well I know a chap near me who will fit them cheap enough and can buy some in for your size. Its near Marsh chapel though if you wanted to give me the tyre sizes I can ser what he will charge. But might be cheaper getting your own if you want a top grade tyre. But he will fit them for you really cheap either way I can let him know before hand I've sent you too if thats better. Other than that I use north lincs tyres in Grimsby but my brother in law works for them so I get his discount lol. And I've not set another meet up with the weather but mightvhave a Christmas meet up maybe in a week or two if interest is their [emoji6]

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