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Brembo sport pads on WRX 4 Pots

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I've just bought my first Impreza - a hawkeye WRX - I absolutely love it!!!


It's come with some pads on it that don't seem to be that good for the road driving I do - it has Bluestuff pads on (not sure if NDX or older Bluestuff - fitted in 2014) - whilst great on a country road, they have no cold bite, so unfortunately they don't suit my usual driving as I have a daily dual carriage way commute. 


Planning to replace them and wondered if anyone has tried the Brembo sport pads on a WRX (with standard 4 pot callipers)?  These look good for road and the odd track day, but couple of questions for anyone that's tried this setup:


1) Do they have decent cold bite?


2) Are they ok on a track day?  (I have read that the Bluestuff pads are troublesome on the WRX 4 pots as they drag and overheat and don't want to buy expensive pads to find out this happens - it would probably be better to save up and invest in an STI brake setup at a later date.)


Cheers and great to be on the forum! :-)



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