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!!!GB270 Prodrive rare spoiler!!!!(WANTED URGENT)


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DEAR suabru fans of UK!!!!


First, sorry for poor English

I am from Russia


Have been looking for GB270 Prodrive rare spoiler since Impreza GB270 had been launched but no succses yet.

And here you are:



Looks like the seller has been out since July ....


May be anyone knows him? just any ideas about him?


Would be much grateful for any help in looking for an item or the man!!!!

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Hello mate welcome to S.O.C 

We have many people on here from around the world so not just UK ;) but you are the 1st Russian that I know of :) 

As for the spoiler I think it will have been sold by now, but he seller should get an email to notify you have replied just depends if he replies to you now. 


I have seen the odd one pop up on eBay for sale last one I asked about but had been sold 2 days before I had seen it so I know they sell quick :( 

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If I could speak well type any russin I would pop over to say hello. But I'm not that good with my own native language so I don't think many people would speak with me :( Haha  :lol:


Big fan of some of the videos of the scoobs though, not sure if these are anyone you know :) Pretty jealous though don't get much snow to play in here :(  


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