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B4 Blitzen 17" Wheels and good tyres


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Hi, I have a set of Legacy B4 Blitzen wheels for sale, these are from a special edition inspired and designed by Porsche.


You are looking at a set of extremely rare alloy wheels from the Subaru Legacy B4 Blitzen. The
Blitzen edition of the Legacy B4 was pretty rare in itself so these wheels are hard to find.

They are 17" x 7j wide and factory offset of 55.  They are 5x100 so fit all earlier model Subarus and some others (please check for yourself).

They come with excellent Bridgestone tyres; 2x Sports Tourer MY01 and 2x Potenza and they all have tons of tread left.

Condition wise there are a few minor blemishes. I have checked and confirm that they all still hold air so these are purely cosmetic marks. No other cracks or bends.

There are a few small marks on the surface of the wheels but generally they are
good, lovely dark metallic colour too.

They all come with original centre caps as you can see.

I accept payment by Paypal or cash on collection. f71f7da9-4a2e-4204-952a-ba6126764741_zpsI would rather you collect these but I am willing to package them up for a courier if you arrange
it. I am located in Tunbridge Wells Kent and collection is preferred.  


Ideally looking at £300ono collected

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