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Resonance / Humming @ 65mph


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Morning all,


Looking for a bit of advice for my 57 plate WRX. 


I'm getting a resonating noise at certain speeds, it's quite quiet at about 35mph, then a bit louder at 50mph, and then when i get to between 65 and 70mph it's very audible.  I first noticed it when driving just before xmas, and i'm sure over the last few weeks it has got worse.  The noise is present regardless if i'm in gear, neutral or with the clutch engaged.


I've been looking over loads of different forums to find an answer, and whilst this is a problem that can exist in loads of different cars, no one seems to be able to provide a definitive solution.


Between xmas and new year, I had the wheel balance, bearings and weights checked and apparently all OK. 


I believe this could also be something to do with tyres, or poor quality after market break pads.


My main conern is that it could be something a bit more serious such as gearbox, diff or driveline, though the fact the noise exists when clutch is engaged or not made me thing that it wasn't to do with the engine.


Has anyone any experience of this type of issue, and able to provide any assistance?  Any information would be much appreciated.


Cheers guys and girls.



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I can't really tell, if I'm cruising at 65mph with the noise, and then i hit the brakes, it will disappear.  Similarly if i'm cruising at 65mph and accelerate up to 75mph, it will disappear.

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Anyone else got any suggestions?  I'm just about to pick up the car from the garage after the mechanic told me that i had cheap pads on my front brakes that were rattling like hell.


I'm keen to get this sorted as soon as possible to prevent any serious damage to the car...

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I would also check your tyre wear, I've had some similar noises when I first got my last car and the tyres were feathered (uneven wear on the tread blocks). It went away when I replaced the tyres, funnily enough it was only on the front tyres.

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