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2015 sti wheel repair

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Hi thought i put this up i cerb my wheel the other day and was not very happy i will get this repaired properly when i get the time and money as i have already spent a large chunk of money on my car this month but any way i have found that bmw sparkling graphite 11pound from Halfords matchs really well with the weather and salt on road its better to cover it up or could get worse very quickly if you take your time you can get some good results

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I post finished pic up in a bit just waiting for lacquer to dry i found if you build the paint up then use a light wet and dry to take high spots off take your time with this then clean wheel and put on lacquer you might need bit more wet and dry at this stage then clean again should be good or at very least a lot better





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Ye the Cerb had droped away i was trying to get a good video with my new exhuast to post up so lunched car under bridge in the middel of no were only to find out police were sitting on the bridge they pulled me over and i cerb my wheel how your luck lol

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Here you go all dry and looking a lot better as you said mine was quite bad may need to work on it a bit more tommrow but a smaller scrap would be pretty much unnoticeable good luck with the repair if you can get hold of some work lamps it will cut drying time down i also post up pic tommrow in the day light so you can see the colour match better



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