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Had busy weekend working on small issues i was having- rattling heatshield- done 4 jubilee clips did job nicely 

changed droplinks as it was knocking - sorted now smooth as new car.

changed oil + filter.

my last issue still remains that freakin P0030 code.  :( car seems to be running smooth except it only does 120 miles to full tank  :ph34r: disconnected - Battery and it stayed off for 20 min but came back while driving.  managed to borrow multimeter of my mate and will try to sort it on thursday / friday. 

All i basically need is to make sure that it is the o2 sensor that needs changing ( worse case scenario )

or fuse, its just weather is really bad over here + im working silly shifts atm  :angry:  also there seem to be variance in prices of those sensors, found some on eurocarparts.com  for like 80 quid ( bosch or denso ) do you think they will be good? ADL blueprint seems bit out of budget at 220 quid  :(

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