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Servicing in / around Blackpool?

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Heylo, well I finally pick my Subaru up on Monday!
It's been sat for 3 years in a barn pretty much. But well looked after whilst being in there. It's got a full service history... a CRAZY full service history from the day it was bought in 1998 (I'll post pictures when I collect it).

I'm going to keep up with the same Service OCD that the owner had, but I'm just wondering what decent MOT centres are around Blackpool? Motorsport Developments are Subaru Specialists and seem to be the only one in my area... anybody heard anything about them?

I think it's best to get a full service straight away, since it's been sat?


Thanks in Advance,

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Hey mate welcome to the club, nice to see someone from near me. Yeah I've heard good things about motorsport developments, love their youtube vids as well ;).


Service would be a good idea, will benefit from fresh oil and so on. Gives you peace of mind as well.

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I got a quick oil change at National Tyres, new pads all round and new brake fluid.
It's booked to go into CotComp near Preston start of March to see a few minor issues. They;re giving it all a check over too.
I speak to Steve Cotton on a different Subaru Site and seems like an honest, decent guy.
Bought a Cosworth Panel Filter from them and got 10% Discount for being part of this site :)

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