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LED Strip Lights, Parallel, Series?

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Hello all, 


i have some LED strip lights that i am going to fit in my foot wells, 

I did this before in my Astra but only wired them in series, i.e. in one end of the strip out the other, into the next strip.


my question is, to stop back wiring can I wire them in parallel with out dimming or killing my supply? 

i am not running large lengths of the strips so that shouldn't be an issue. i just wanted to be sure I can do this, to save having wire going all over 



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Hi buddy, I have installed LED strips in two scoobies now, and run them parallel both times- I assume you're tapping the power from the dome light so they come on when a door is opened? Both times I did this in parallel and there was plenty of light and no supply issues!

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