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Impreza power steering help !!!!


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Hey guys,


Ive perhaps a word of warning and a cry for help.


I have a 2009 Subaru Impreza diesel with 101000 Km (62000 miles) which was my pride and joy. When I bought her I ignored the claims of weak engines that resulted in crankshaft snapping and took the plunge and borrowed the money for the car. 


I have been driving the car hassle free not much more than 18 months when last week 22/01/2014 my power steering light came on and I had no power steering what so ever. For those unfamiliar the car uses a completely electric power steering system. 


I brought my car to a local mechanic (non subaru) where on checking the rack found it was full of water ! I am going to state that I live in Ireland where we get alot of rain however I have never driven in any water deep enough to damage the car. 


On collecting the car today 2.2.15 the steering worked twice but is now back to not working.


I have contacted Subaru where I was quoted €3000 inc vat to for the replacement rack as the rack and motor are 1 unit. This is a bit of a bargain because the forrester rack is €3000 without vat and is more prone to failing from what they told me !! 


My options now are ....


Try to have the rack repaired


While VW and Opel use an electric system in there cars, it is easily repaired but within Ireland and the UK I have yet to find anyone who can repair a subaru rack. 


Find a second hand rack


Thus far I have been unable to locate a breakers yard that has a second hand rack in Ireland or the UK so I have had to extend my search to Australia 


Fork out the €3000 + fitting  


I have to say that this is not my first Subaru but it most definatly my last ! 

I have to ask..... does anyone know of a company that repairs subaru steering racks or where I can get a second hand one ?


To add insult to injury... 


Last friday (30/01/2014) subaru posted up on facebook a picture of a new forrester and the caption of "enjoy the weekend" I replied with a comment that I couldnt and a short note as to why...... It was deleted !! 




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You need to find out why water is getting into the rack before buying anything. It's very unlikely this was water... think about it how can water pump into the rack unless its pumped from the power steering reservoir and through the power steering pump. So, does it have power steering fluid in the reservoir or water? And if the latter, who filled it up with water perhaps thinking it was the screen washer or coolant reservoir? Questions to consider because this is odd.

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Right..... that update. 


After waiting almost 3 weeks (and not able to drive the car) I finally got my car into a Subaru main dealer for diagnostic check here in Cork.


I have to say the service and attitude was appalling and it is somewhere that I will never go again. 


On handing in my car I was offered a replacement loaner. I was walked to a Citroen C5 that was filthy both inside and out. Banana skins, cigarette boxes, clothes, firelogs thrown around the car so I declined as I had someone who was collecting me so I could go back to work. I was told that if i waited a few minutes I would be given an impreza so I cancelled my lift. After my wait I was again given the C5 that had the interior cleaned out.  Now Stuck without a lift I had to take the car to get back to work but instead I found:


1. The car stank

2. The fuel light was on so I had to put petrol in it. 

3. The car ran to badly I thought it was a diesel until I asked at subaru. 

6. The tires was under inflated so I had to put air in them. 

7. The rev counter didnt work, nor did the passenger side electric window. 

8. I got 9km down the road and the engine management light started flashing along with a buzzer. and when I rang subaru I had to bring the car back ! 


On returning I waited for the mechanic to check my car where I saw him reverse my car, get out and then put on a seat cover......  :wtf:


The car was diagnosed with a faulty electric motor (cant remember the fault code off the top of my head) and the repair is in excess of €3000, when I questioned this I was fobbed off. 


When I mentioned about the car I was looked at as if I had 2 heads although I did get the money back that I put in the C5 for fuel. 


I have sourced a second hand rack which wasnt easy and am going to have that fitted if the motor cannot be repaired with a local garage. 

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