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Gone for the cossie filter and HKS oil filter.

So i have booked the car into a subaru garage in slipend hertfordshire, but they also do citroen and seem to be more citroen themed.

My car has been there before for a minor service before i had it.

Here is my worry, im having a 60,000 major service they do compression tests the lot... There chamging every single fluid now do you think i should provide my own oils? Im just slightly worried they get there stuff in bulk and use the same gearbox oil the same diff oil etc is all the cars they service including the shitroen's they do.

Im providing my own filters should i provide my own oil's ? Then there is the question where can i get info on oil's and quantities ?

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Can speak with Tim at Opie Oils on here but best oil to use and will be said loads is Motul

Here you go link for ya he will look after you if you buy from them might even give you a discount code. I think it was Scoobyghost he did one for and used his forum name as the code ;) 



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Yeah they will lower the cost as im supplying materials.. Is there an online guide somewhere on recomended oil,s and quantities ?

Motul 300V competition. I use the same in the summer. This is the best you can get ( not cheap )

Regarding the quantity that is 4,5L so you need to buy 5L.

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