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Exhaust query on hatch please help

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Ok so had my mid sport pipe fitted on Monday, got on hands and knees to check it out and couldn't see a cat!

When I bought the car 3 months ago, I was under the assumption that it was bog standard, (wrx-s) so just prodrive back box. I can see the cat in the down pipe it has subaru heat shield, but the section between this and my mid pipe looks to be just pipe with a lambda plug.

It is just made of steel and looks to have been there for a while. The car passed its mot only 1 month before I purchased it. I'm now concerned that my car has been driven for months possibly needing to be mapped if it has no 2nd cat and how did it pass mot?

I know decat may have been part of the prodrive package in the past but not too sure on the wrx-s.

Anyone know anything or have any advice please?

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Think I got my answer. Visited GT Motorsport to enquire about a remap.

Mark seems to think that this cat bypass pipe is part of the prodrive package, also I have no cat in the up pipe which I think is normal on the later 2.5l models too. So I only have the cat in the down pipe.

He thinks he can get me about 40bhp but I'm slightly sceptical as these are 251 out of the box. He did however say that the turbo is the limiting factor which I already heard. (Can't get over 300bhp without a bigger turbo).

Anyway is £300 a decent price for an open source remap done on the road? Said he'd need the car for about 4 hours.

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