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DIY clutch on drive

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Hi all I'll be doing my clutch soon and , I'm pretty confidant DIY mechanic with lots of clutch changing engines etc experience , I'm just looking for a few pointers , not skim the fly wheel etc I know all that , just I'm not doing it the engine removal way , I'll be jacking the car up , so how hi do I need to get it for removal I just saw a vid where the guy just slid the box back enough to get to clutch etc ,didn't even remove front drive shaft , just any pointers from you guys that could save me some time :-)

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Get it done lad lol.i did mine on my drive last year its not hard.Exhaust has to come off,starter motor,front shafts,rear prop shaft and intercooler,Gearbox cradle mount,external slave cylinder mount,and don't forget to remove the allen key bolt for the thrust bearing in the gearbox before you remove the gearbox.Gearbox isn't that heavy compared to the Sti imports mate.Im back on the tools now so I do all my work on my car at work now which is where my tools are now

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