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which one?


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What sort of age car are you looking for? JDM, UK spec?

Do you need ground clearence? What do you want the car to do for you?

The Legacy range over the years covers almost every angle: saloon, wagon, Outback, 2.0l, 2.5l, 3.0l, auto, manual, non turbo, single turbo, twin turbo, twinscroll turbo.

With the correct servicing and looked after, they are as reliable as any car can be. It's only when they are not looked after and servicing is ignored when the problems occur.

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What power has the 3ltr spec b? And whats the diff between the gt and gtb?


i think the 3ltrs are around 240, but they are a flat 6 n/a. - and I'm told they are completely solid. Im not sure of the specific differences between the gt and the gtb tbh.  Tlag will probably know though.

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