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Taxi hate when they get their own medicine


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Had a taxi cut me up, so I got back in the lane that was mine anyways, used abit of power to do so then backed down to speed limit, he then preceded to shoot up my !Removed!, and I realised he was trying to make me shoot off as he was filming me now I don't mind it tbh as I'm sure my car sounded great seen as it had my new raptor fitted, however I do laugh at his logic of using his phone to film me, even if I was doing something wrong which I wasnt Im sure he would have got points for filming me.on his phone lol, guess they don't like there own medicine eh.

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I have a few dicks around here that try to force me to race does my head in. If I raced every car that tries to push up my !Removed! I'd never have any petrol :( Only problem I get with Taxies is there !Removed! parking around here blocking roads off when yapping to their colleagues. 

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I wouldn't mind but him driving with two hands on his mobile is surely worse than what ever he thought I'd done lol. We have a big issue with taxis around here, pulling out or stopping where they want :s the hazards are park wherever I want lights :)

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A taxi cut my daughter up a few weeks ago and tried to force her off the road


She stopped in front of him and all of a sudden he couldnt speak english


Any way she got a picture of the car, although blurred, when he drove off nearly running her over


To cut a long story i found the reg of the car and when we were out one night spotted the car


I had a word in his Shell like about the error of his ways :)

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