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Colour scheme

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I'm struggling to choose a colour scheme for the car I don't mind the black and gold but I think getting gold coloured silicone hose could be difficult and maybe tacky, does anyone have colour schemes and what do you think looks well with the blue? I was thinking something like blue and red or blue and orange or blue and pink(girlfriend suggested it) it's just a lot of money to spend on hoses and coloured bracing etc... To not like it. And I will likely end up getting the wheels painted black or grey or get new wheels.




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ive seen camo and pink on these and they look awsome :) depends on the style you want to go for really and if you are going to follow it the whole way through, mine under the bonnet are all red :)




thats before it had induction etc etc but you get the jist

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ill show you on sunday :) the standard colours like red, blue , pink are quite easy as you can get cable tidy in these colours and dress the engine up, same with the vac lines. just depends how different you want to be i guess.

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