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vin number help


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Hi All


I need one of you clever people to decipher a vin number have just spent an hour or so looking at the explanations on the net and im still non the wiser  :unsure:




Thanks in advance



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JF1 is build location japan

GC8 is body type impreza

Then it should be engine type

Then model and trim spec and the last 8 is build number id of that particular vehicle




Thanks for the reply


I sort of found out what the different parts of the vin are i couldnt find info on each bit like the kd3wg


Am i being thick here :)

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I haven't seen those before is this code from the 17 number Vin due to there being a few different Vin numbers as mine is a P1 I have 3 Vin plates the 2 on the drivers side and a prodrive subaru uk one on the passenger side gets very confusing.

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Yes from the 17 number vin


Im told its from a 1998 wrsport


It looks like it has  seats look correct skirts spoiler and splitter


Thanks for your help as i havnt got a clue

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