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p0031 and p0545

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Hi guys, am new to this forum and was hoping maybe someone could help. I have recently purchased a wrx bugeye and the day after i got it home i had 2 codes reveal themselves. P0031 and p0545. I know the codes relate to the EGT sensor and the front o2 sensor. My question is what could have caused them to both appear at the same time? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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P0031 common fault that new sensor usually does the trick sometimes you can trick it with a resistor  I mean 02 Simulator to make the ECU think it's working what people do when they first decat the car before remap. ;)


But could be the connection bit rusted up. I'd also say good chance that is what has brought on the 2nd code on Exhaust gas temperature is low again can be sorted with a resistor. But I'd say both codes was linked :D 


And glad to see you made it on mate :) Welcome to S.O.C let me know if the center pipe turns up should be there today ;) 

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Oh good stuff glad it got there I did try clean it up a bit for you too but think it needed to be pretty abrasive to get the years of crud off :(


And oops I did make that sound wrong I meant using 02 simulator now I've not used one so can't vouch that they work or not. I have heard that they can't be tricked but mixed comments as ever on the net. I took the bulb out mine until I had it mapped. But if you have got a blowing exhaust that could be giving you the codes  but the 02 sensors are common fault also. I'd say best bet if keeping her standard would be to replace it that way get peace of mind :)


And thanks for joining I know some forums come across a bit scary sometimes but everyone on heres great. So don't worry about jumping in on other threads :)

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