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New 2015 sti wheel paint code


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Pretty sure you won't get the paint code as it isn't released to subaru uk.

I've tried.

Kerbed mine slightly :( as I had to leave it on the road. Pulled up nicely, thought I could get closer as I know what you manc drivers are like ;) and didn't fancy getting swiped.

Needless to say, I couldn't get closer.

Getting mine done in Stockport on Tuesday so will let you know.

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Yeh, idk why. Presumably to encourage people to just buy new?

I tried the wheel specialist but everywhere was booked up, want it doing soon.

This guy in Stockport was last bet literally cos of the distance and finding time in the day.

But so far he seems to be the best and going out of his way to fit me in asap.

I'll get some pics up after and get the paint code he uses to see how good the match is.

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I had little damage on mine took car down to local paint specialist came out with load of swatches to get a match mixed me up a little pot for £5 touched up with little brush can't even see where I've been but that depends on how bad the damage is mine where just small marks where tires had been removed

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The guy in Stockport gave me chance to move me forward to today.

Not only did he go out his way to get me in, but was cheaper than everywhere else who quoted and the paint match is incredible.

I can't tell in the slightest where the damage was.

The paint he used was actually a yamaha paint and it is a pretty perfect match in my eyes.

I'll put some pics up when I get chance.


Highly recommended.

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