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WRX Impreza 2.0 Turbo 1993 - First UK Import

WRX Ninja

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Limited Edition WRX Subaru Impreza 2.0l turbo

A new house is forcing the sale of my Impreza.
Bought as a tune up opportunity, I no longer have the time or funds to carry on with it

Its a 2.0l turbo petrol WRX model, right hand drive, manual
bosch shortshift gearbox, decat stainless exhaust on a custom number

The interior is standard, minus the Sony Stereo, and alpine 6x9's and tweeters

The exterior is standard, still fitted with the bonnet scoop and vents and spoiler, the rear windows are heavy tinted

When researching the engine code I discovered that it is one of the first 6 WRX Impreza's imported into the UK

This is the extract from wikipedia:

In the United Kingdom, Subaru offered six "WRX 1.8 GL" in
1993. The firm imported six Type RS's, the development car that LED
to the stripped-out Type RA. Three cars went to Prodrive; three were
retained by Subaru UK and were subsequently sold. For UK car
certification reasons they were registered as "1.8 GL"
despite having the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.



The best bits:

Custom K90 WRX number plate (Valued between £1800-2440)
Water cooled turbo
Stainless Decat exhaust pipe
Bosch Shortshift gearbox
HKS Fuel Cut Defencer
One of a kind history 

Registered as 1.8 GL so cheap insurance

I also have an aftermarket alarm system I didn't get around to fitting if you want it


The bad bits:

Rust on the rear wheel arches
A fair few stone chips
Paint is peeling on the skirt on one side
Temperamental speedo and tacho
There is an intermittent fuelling issue where it just decides to cut the fuel, some days it goes like a rocket, others it has a strop and won't accelerate quickly. If you accelerate slowly it pulls fine and will go as quick as you feel like. It then sometimes over heats, again only sometimes
The Stereo has a loose connection, if you push it into the dash it comes on, it turns off if you let go
Some wear on the drivers seat

Also I have tested it with an exhaust gas hydrocarbon tester to see if the head
was causing the overheating just in case and its come up negative a number of times


I don't have the time/space to break it, if someone does Im sure they could get plenty out of it!


Im well aware its not a mint car, but I have tried to be as upfront as I can!


It owes me £1500 so I'd like to get that for it, but Im open to sensible offers!


Located mid hampshire, viewings welcome


Call or text 07835645523








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