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2004 Subaru Impreza 2.0GX Sport Wagon - Reduced to £1500


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I’ve gone and made an impulse buy with the sun showing its
face and am having to put my Impreza up for sale! (I'm adding this from work today to gauge interest and will add photos when I get home this evening)


Finished in metallic green and has just covered 103,000
miles. This is the non turbo 2.0 engine with a manual gearbox and Hi/Lo 4 wheel
drive selector. There is 7 months left of the MOT so the next one isn’t due
until December. All good tyres on 15” alloy wheels and a full size steel wheel
for the spare. It does need new pads on the front which I have but haven’t had
time to fit.

The interior is in excellent condition, with no wear at all
to the side bolsters but there is a small (5mm) hole in the passenger seat
bolster but hardly noticeable.  The rear
bumper has some paint peeling off the O/S corner and was like that when I
bought it but never got round to having it touched up as I’ve only used it
through the winter. For the age, the car is still presentable but as you would imagine,
there are a few blemishes here and there.

I have the handbooks for the car but there was no service
history with the vehicle when I bought it but it has run faultless since I have
owned it.


Reduced to £1500




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