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Hi All, 


Got a Impreza WRX 03 with the standard double din head unit in the dash. 


Does anyone have an idea as to what these can be changed for? 


had a look around some forums but stuck with a list of good options?


Cheers in advance


Rich  :D

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Mine has some pioneer unit in, plays dvds has lots of connectivity, but its a few years old now so has most likely been updated into something better. 


Depends what you want out of it, do you want....

lots of gadgets, app conectivity, camera input and stuff. (maybe something cheap of ebay)

does it need to connect to an amp and need lots of pre-outs (needs some shopping around)

does it need to sound awesome and the rest of it is add ons (well known names are normally your best bet)


Hope this helps a bit :)


(woop go 2003 blobs ! here is my Double Din unit) 


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I just like the pc because not every car has one lol no need for cds can surf the net with wifi but dont use it much lol. Well anything your laptop or pc can do but in a car. [emoji1] I did have angry birds star war on it too lol.

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Thanks for your suggestions everyone. 


To be honest all i need/want is for an aux in lead, Bluetooth for my phone and CD. 


Alpine seems the way to go but can anyone let me know what connectors are at the back of the double din?





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im not sure on the wiring but almost all double din units use a standard ISO connection, a quick google should find you an adapter :) 


good job you dont have steering wheel controls, they need a separate wiring harness 

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