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Power surge

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Hi there.... Just wondered if anyone out there personally or knows of anyone that has had this or similar issue.... Any info feedback would be much appreciated....

Have a 2002 bugeye impreza... When I got this car to begin with it run perfectly... But as of late this problem has got worse.. When putting my foot down the power seems to surge like it comes in and out not sure it this could be a problem with the turbo or engine management I suppose could be anything but help if any one can help would be great thanks

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Clutch slipping maybe go in third gear give it some acceleration see if it does it then. Other way I've been told to try was start the car. Put it in gear with the hand break on and go to pull away. If it stalls its ok. But I'm on my 2nd clutch now from owning the car and it stalled every time even though the clutch was slipping.

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