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Wanted: Modified MX5 to swap for WRX?

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Hi everyone,

Ive got a modified 95 1.8L JDM MX5 but after buying a dog five months ago I'm coming round to the idea that I need something with a bit more space. Ideally I'm looking for a WRX estate, I'd value my MX5 at around £2000. Perfect time to have one as well with summer just around the corner.

If anyone is interested, here is the car. Ill be keeping the Bride seat for my RX7 so it will come with an OEM drivers seat.


1995 NA8 MX5 - approx 116000 miles. Drives perfectly.

Meister R adjustable coilovers, Racing Beat cat-back exhaust, Garage Vary replica (plastic) front lip, Feed style (fibreglass) side-steps, alloy radiator, custom rear lights, TSIs, Sportmax 002 wheels (15x8J ET0).

Also have spares that I havent got round to fitting, ducktail spoiler, JDM front foglights. Cosmetically the car needs some tidying. I have a spare front bumper which is in better condition than the one fitted. The cables in both windows have snapped too so I have replacement motors and cables in a box waiting to be fitted.

That huge sticker on the windscreen is also no longrr fitted.




Also has Wipac lenses with Osram nightbreaker bulbs. This essentially means you can see at night, a novel idea that the Japanese never seem to think of!


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