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Best place for good quality insurance.

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Hi all :-)

This is my first post on this site :-)

I have a Hawkeye WRX waiting once I have sold my current car and have a few questions. The big one right now is where is the best place to get good quality insurance at a reasonable price?


I don't see the point in getting the cheapest insurance I can and then find if I have to claim, I have to jump through hoops. Equally, I don't want to pay more than I have to.


Any suggestions?


Many thanks,



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Standard or modified? I insured my wrx thru money supermarket and found churchill were cheapest. If modified might be best off trying one of the specialist brokers i.e flux etc but they are !Removed! expensive compared to run of the mill companies ( 300 quid more for a dump valve, wtf?!).

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Thanks for the reply :-)

Well, the back box has been replaced. I do not believe that it is a direct Subaru replacement. Other than that, the car is standard. 


If I went through money supermarket, is an insurer likely to cause hassle if the rear box is non-standard. After all, I have had a few cars in the past where I needed to get the back box replaced and went to Halfords which technically means I had a non-standard back box!



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Try it, nothing to lose! An exhaust is a fairly standard mod and is on the drop down list of modifications. My biggest issue was my previous vehicle history, which despite having several hot hatches nothing in the realms of impreza performance, so all companies told me the first year would be steep or just impossible for them to quote.

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try keith michaels or A plan


I use Keith Michaels and 3 years ago I wrote my car off, they have a specialist claims handling firm, everything was straight forward and they were very helpful


I tried Adrian Flux, I got quotes and took out policies for the scooby (£50 cheaper than KM) and my work van. I got my paperwork through and my scooby was limited to 3,000 miles (I had told them I had done over 4k the previous year) I phone up to complain and they said it would be an extra £120 for up to 5k miles. I went mad and they were very arsey, I said !Removed! it, cancel my policy! they did and then charged me and extra £90 on to of my first months payment as a 'cancellation fee'. it cost me over £150 for 1 week insurance :o


I call them Adrian Fluxing w4nkers now :lol:

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