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Basic mods- realistic plan?

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Hi guys I've got a 2003 wrx blob and I'm looking at putting my spare cash aside (spent 2 years saving for a wedding, finally all sorted!) for modifications on top of a further healthy amount for annual and unexpected costs.

I don't plan to do any mods for the first year due to insurance, other than stock up on what I want/need for future plans.

My plan thus far is:

After First year-

Prodrive exhaust (found this on eBay, centre pipe and rear box, 75 quid just bought oops)

Y pipe (prodrive pack has one so seems to make sense?)

De-cat Up-pipe

Decent quality panel filter (k&n seems best choice so far?)

3 port boost solenoid maybe?

Maybe better fuel pump for future-proofing


Year 2-

Bigger injectors (pinks?)

Definitely fuel pump

Definitely 3 port solenoid

Bigger turbo (TD-05 maybe seems good choice for power vs budget?)

Remap 2

I want it to be drivable, without a massive hit to fuel consumption off boost, and keeping the gearbox in one piece. As parts like brakes clutch etc wear I intend to upgrade. Not really into lowering etc anymore so suspension upgrades would be purely down to bushings and better shocks etc.....

Does this all sound viable and sensible? Do you have any pointers or suggestions, things I have missed or need to consider?

Kind regards,


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The mods you have planned are good and you have covered all areas. The only problem is, you have to remove the turbo to fit the uppipe and then refit the old turbo, then pay for the turbo swapping next time and you will pay for an extra remap too.

So for the second year it will cost you about £400 to fit the turbo and map again.

I'd just do it all in one go.

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