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Headlight problem - wrx


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Can anyone shed any light (pardon the pun) on a problem I have with the headlights on my wrx (2001), they have been changed (by a previous owner) from the original round ones to the ones that have about 3 separate lights in the cluster. The normal headlights work, but the 'dazzle' beam doesn't (in either light). So I cannot 'flash' people or put the dazzle on at night. All other lights work fine. All ideas are gratefully received.

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Disconnect the plugs for the lights (should be located behind each light), check the contacts and clean them. Mine did the same thing, built up green corrosion and stopped the full beam from working. Hope this helps :).

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if you have a multimeter put one side on the cars metal work or any good earth point, the other side on the positive wire you think is the high beam and check volts (have someone flick it on and off for you would be easiest ) 


if you have volts going to it then its either...

the connection the the light

or the light itself,


if there isn't any then it could be...

The switch on the steering column stalk 

The wiring and all connections

the relay

or the fuses (you can check these with a multimeter also if you just set it to continuity or resistance and see if there is a circuit going through them) 


if you are really stuck and want to bodge it you could always run new wires from the Battery and put them on a switch on the dash (make sure its got an in line fuse and the wire and switch can take the load) and just run it like that!


Hope this helps :) 

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