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Rear lights wiring HELP!!

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1995 Impreza WRX (JDM) Saloon


New car so just going through and sorting the little niggly bits. After going round and checking all the lights, have noticed that the rear fog was not working (even though the light on the switch lit up). On closer inspection I have one wire from the switch going to the boot but not connected to anything. Ok, I thought. Simply re connect. But then I realised nothing is ever simple!! :unsure:


It has had after market lights put in and the wiring has been chopped up all over the place (although the standard wiring and harnesses are untouched - the snipping ocurred after the standard plugs).


All I need to aid me is a diagram/photo or list showing me which wires from the standard harness plug should be connected to which bulb. I have tried reading a subaru wiring diagram and they are too complicated!! :wacko:




Pass side:

green/blue - Indicator

black/white - brake light


P.S. the after market lights are led/standard bulb type. LED ring with indicator centre, Small round Red light and reflector, LED ring with reverse light centre like this: http://www.nicedeals.co.uk/images/impreza-rear-lights-led-93-.gif


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