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Will 17" STi Wheel's fit on 2014/2015 STi?

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Hi all, I've been looking around for a set of reasonably priced alloys to use for winter (get them while they are cheap) and have seen quite a few sets of old STi wheels all correct 114 stud pattern, but not sure they will fit over the Brembo brakes.

As an example eBay number 221781639035 is the ones I'm referring to.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks all.

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You are the man, just not confident to buy a set second hand and then find they won't fit the latest model STi I have. Been looking online for a while but real conclusive yes or no.

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Many thanks mate, really appreciate that. I'll look into the TPMS issue and check whether it's based on tyre rotation or individual valves. Hopefully something I can figure out :-)

Thanks again !!!

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No not yet... You got a link or is it easy to find?

I've got to contact the dealer this week about the chipped paintwork issue on the boot sides as well as the standard rattle in the steering column/rack.

Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated...

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Found a reasonably cheap device for updating TPMS to winter sensors and then switch back after. Seems to be used a lot in the U.S. I need to do some more research but Quickset TPMS looks like it fits the bill.

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