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ScoobyDay - Track Day For Subarus Only!


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Hey Guys, 


I'm the friend, trying to organise this is turning out to be a lot of effort but really enjoyable. 


There may be some things below that could answer some of the questions that have been posted. 


As said below any extra money will be going to charity. Even if you can't attend I would really appreciate any money going towards this.

Crowdfunding page(Where you buy tickets/support us):http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/scoobyday-2015 
Website: http://www.scoobyday.co.uk/
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/958765730841560/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/scoobydayuk

Personally it'll be my 21st birthday and the first day i drive my RB5 WR Sport. However I've not seen a day like this before and would truly love to get to know more of you. It's a great excuse to have a fun day tearing around on the track. It's also a way of raising some money for charity.


2nd September

What type of day is it?: 
Open pitlane, however will be changed to sessions if numbers get too large for open pitlane to be sustainable. There will be a message sent out if this is the case. Would need to be incredibly large numbers for this to happen, at the current rate looking as if it'll be open pitlane (or not even happening because won't be able to reach the full amount).

How many cars are allowed on the track?:
35 will be allowed on the track at one time, this is the limit set by Snetterton. Closer to the day I will publish polls to see if people want to lower the limit.

Why Snetterton?:

It's a great track and has two great straights (top speed in my sport of 105! Others were 120+) and a lot of corners, there's bits for every type of driver, throwing it all together means you get to really push what you can do as a driver. It's also a very long track meaning that if you're slower than other cars (As I was in my sport!) there's plenty of safe places for the faster cars to overtake without it being dangerous.

What is the price?:
Currently pricing is £199, this is comparable to other track days.

When is the money taken?:
The money will be taken on the day the crowdfunding ends. It is important to get as much done into the funding as soon as possible to prove to Snetterton that we can occupy the track for that day.

What will be done with money over the cost of the day?:
We will be donating any extra money to the Richard Burns Foundation.

How much money have you put into it?:
I have personally so far put in £225, I am also in the process of attempting to get sponsors for the event to try and contribute to the cost and hopefully make the day better for us all. If the day is short and within a reasonable amount I will happily pay another £500 to see it succeed.

What is the overall cost of a track day?:
I attended Snetterton last Sunday in my Subaru Impreza Sport, the day cost me £200 for the ticket, £10 in helmet hire, £90 in track day insurance (looking at trying to get a discount for scoobyday on trackday insurance) and £80 in fuel including getting and from the event. Tyres were still legal at the end of the day and nothing broke on my car. Fuel was also 2p a litre cheaper than at the petrol station so filled up my car fully before I left! Also I bought photos for £35 which we're trying to include photos for free as part of the day.

Are there any further costs that I may need to know?:
From a track and hire point of view there isn't. Helmet hire is included in the cost of the day. However you will need to be aware of keeping your car road legal, tyres may get worn heavily and parts on your car may break, so if anything goes wrong on your car it could cost you. However this is the same as any day to day driving. As you're driving quicker than on a normal road your fuel consumption is increases by a lot. (For some that means single digit miles per gallon!)

What are the noise restrictions?:
105db Static, 92db moving. These are among the highest for tracks in the UK, most cars will be fine passing this. At the last day I was at three Subaru's were there and passed fine, including a heavily modified Subaru.

Why this day over any other trackday?:
This day is for people with a passion for Subaru's, we have free advice being given by any instructor on how to improve your track driving. We're also looking to do this to raise money for charity instead of for profit. We're also trying to be as competitive with the cost as possible. (£45 cheaper than another trackday running on the same day with the same format)

Will there be photography?:
If we can get to the point of affording it above the cost absolutely. My dad has Photography kit but he'll be driving through the day (Sorry couldn't convince him not to!) however I'm sure I could get him to do a full group photo of the cars on the start/finish straight. (which we have full permission for over lunch). If we can afford a photographer all photos will be available free of charge and will be listed on the website after the event. (Was charged £35 for my photos at my last track day!)

Does it matter if it's my first track day?:
Not at all, this day is for going quick but safely. There will be no racing or timing at this event. This is the only way to assure that everyone can be as safe as possible.

Are only Subaru's allowed to attend?:
Not at all, anyone can attend but you must enjoy the make. One of my friends who is attending will be in their Audi, loves Subaru's and has owned plenty but life has made him get a sensible car and wants to experience the brilliant Subaru community again. (Evo's brought at own risk ;) )

What do you get with track insurance?:
This is who I used last time: http://www.moris.co.uk/Track-day-insura…/…/Crash-Damage-FAQs It made sure that I had an option to get home (covered within 70 miles then £1.80 per mile after that).

Hope this has answered your questions and convinced you some thought has been put into this. Just need to get people signed up for the day now!

Any other questions you may have or have any suggestions as to how we could improve the day please do let me know.

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