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2.0D Engine Failure


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Hi there.


New to your forum and sadly joining after engine siezing and hoping for information from those in the know.


I own a 59 plate 2.0D Outback and, like others before me, have had the crank snap taking out the block and other parts with it.


Looking at rebuild as replacement engines are like rocking horse s--- but (as an alternative idea) saw advert on e-bay atm for a 18mile engine out of 2013 Forester.  I believe these are fundamentally similiar but think there is an issue with the electronics for compatability and as this one comes with ECU I wondered if it would circumvent these issues or just come out with a whole lot of new problems.


At quite a low at the moment as there was no warning of impending doom and car went from ideal to money pit in blink of an eye.


Thanks in advance for any advice you can throw my way.



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Car's in with JPS Motorsport in Milton Keynes atm as I know them of old from when had my Supras.


Not sure what plan is but increasingly looking like a full rebuild.  Whichever way I look it's a lose lose situation.  Just matter of finding least painful option.

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