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Loverly afternoon drive , destroyes my gearbox lol

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Hi all I have stripped 3 rd gear well it does not exist anymore I drove the car home in all other gears obviously it was noisey but it still drove ok

Would it be cheaper to get a second hand gearbox or get a new 3rd gear installed

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New gearbox arrived today along with uprated clutch and light weight flywheel :-)

Should be back in action by end of wknd

I got the 4aa box as it's supposed to have the slightly thicker gear sett

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It has been a long old week , gearbox went last Sunday and she was fixed last night by 11 , and 1000 squid later , few I'm tired some late nights on the drive ,I'm gonna congratulate myself for being a drive way hero lol , forgot what it was like to do some proper work on a car lol , well 50 miles in and she is driving so nice and smooth , the light weight flywheel really helps make everything so much smoother , she revs and seems to pic up speed a lot quicker with a lot less throttle , so I'm back in action :-) , but taking it easy lol

But I would also like to thank the subaru gods for making it as easy as could be m:-)

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