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Wrx front brake noises!

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Hi guys and gals,

As you may know I installed wrx callipers on the front of my 2.0R last weekend- they were brill until a few days ago, when I started to hear some noises.

Firstly, at speeds up to about 60, under braking and not under braking I get a sort of buzzing sound- noise slows as the car slows. Secondly, I get a fairly quiet squeaking noise- sounds like I have a bloomin' cricket living in my callipers! Again, this noise slows with the car (as if a certain point in the revolution of the disc is making the noise).

As I had the wheels of yesterday anyway, i decided to grease up the back of the pads, the pins that the pads slide on, and the bottom of the springs that contact the pads- the noises remain!

I bought brand new discs and pads when installing the callipers however the Brembo pads I bought came with no shims- could lack of shims really be responsible for all this noise?! I want to try shims but can't seem to find any...

Any help will be massively appreciated- losing the will with this one!

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Are the discs grooved as that will cause a humming noise when driving goes louder when brakes are applied its the pad brushing against the groove....pads may need a stick on anti squeel fitting I took shims off mine as they made a creak sometimes when moving off the drive seems to have gone now...

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